Thirty-story tall, tank-like, three-legged robot monsters ravaged the city


Thirty-story tall, tank-like, three-legged robot monsters ravaged the city: with every step they took, the ground shook violently like an earthquake; the buildings they touched, no matter how strong they looked before, all broke and collapsed like building blocks; where the laser from their long barrel, wherever it went, people and things would be vaporized in an instant.
The traffic on the street was so congested that drivers had to abandon their cars and run around screaming with pedestrians in order to escape.
Some people who are trampled by a tripod when they don’t have time to escape turn into flesh-and-blood patties when the tripod’s feet are lifted.
The whole city was in a mess.
The humans dispatched the armed forces to snipe the tripod.
But whether it’s shells from tanks, missiles from warships and fighters, or flamebombs fired by army soldiers with flamethrowers.
If you hit the tripod, you can only blow up a small hole at most-it’s like tickling them, and you can’t hurt them at all!
The tripod is bulletproof!
The human army had to make a second move: dozens of military helicopters went out at the same time, dropping huge steel cables at the tripods, trying to strangle them or trip them like a tripping rope.
But the tripods are not as fragile as people think, and seemingly powerful cables can neither bind them nor trip them.
And those military helicopters, either pulled to the ground and exploded by the tripod, or hit by its laser, went up in smoke in the blink of an eye!
The end of the world is coming, the tripod is the Terminator of mankind!
However, human beings are not helpless.
At this time, bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, I drove a 20-meter-high robot giant like a Transformers, Gao Da, towards the tripod.
Gunda was completely under my control, holding a shiny silver lightsaber in his hand, and when I made a chopping position, Gunda did the same thing as I did-wielding a lightsaber and chopping at a metal leg like an Optimus Prime of the tripod.
The tripod’s leg immediately broke and its whole body staggered.
As soon as I stamped my foot, Gao Da also stamped my foot, and his whole body rose into the air and flew into the air.
I cut down with a sword, and Gao Da’s lightsaber synchronized with my gesture, violently dividing the body of the tripod into two. With a loud bang, its body exploded as it tilted and fell down, and the explosion was deafening!
In this way, I got rid of a tripod.
But there is more than one tripod.
No, there are hundreds of them!
I finally killed one, and the others were surrounded.
“Xiao Kong, watch your right!”
The voice of my good friend Zhu Mingming came from my headphones.
I turned my head and saw a tripod pointing the barrel at the high end of my control.
I quickly bowed my head, and my Gao Da also dodged, but my reaction with Gao Da was a little late. Gao Da’s left arm was hit by a laser, emitting a puff of black smoke.
I also felt a heart-wrenching pain in my left arm-my body felt in sync with Gao Da, and when my arm felt weak, Gao Da’s lightsaber almost fell to the ground.
Then another laser hit my heart.
At the critical moment, when it was too late, a red Gunda rushed over and pushed my Gunda aside.
I rolled to the ground, and my Gao Da fell to the ground.
I turned my head and saw that it was my other good friend, Bai Gujing, who drove Gao Da to save me-this is really called “beauty saving hero”!
Bai Gujing has learned martial arts and is nimble.
Before I could thank her, more than a dozen tripods poured in.
They surrounded Gao Da operated by me, Bai Gujing and Zhu Mingming, and pointed the barrel of the laser cannon at us.
“rumbling -” A dozen lasers shot at me at the same time. I had nowhere to hide and was doomed. I couldn’t help shouting, “help!”
I suddenly sat up from the bed, sweaty.
I looked around, it was dawn, bright and dazzling sunlight shone in through the white screen windows, writing desks, cabinets, wardrobes.
They all give off a golden glow.
Luckily, I was in the bedroom.
I heaved a long sigh and said to myself, “it was a dream!”
I feel sore all over, as if I had really experienced a big battle.
And, although I woke up, I was able to recall clearly the terrible scene of being chased by a tripod.
These days, I dream about Star Wars every night: sometimes I drive up to fight with alien mechanical monsters in the smoky ruins of the city; sometimes I become an armored warrior, wielding a lightsaber against aliens; sometimes I drive a small warship, land, sea and air, and sometimes I fight the enemy PK; in the depths of the sea, just like the dream I just had, chased by a bunch of terrible tripods.
Strange, how could I dream about Star Wars?
I haven’t seen any Star Wars movies or comics lately!
I sat on the bed blankly, recalling my dream just now, with lingering fear.
“Xiao Kong, get up quickly, you’re going to be late for class!”
Mother was knocking at the door and shouting.
I immediately got out of bed and looked at the alarm clock. Oh, no, it’s almost seven o’clock!
I was so immersed in the memory of my dream that I didn’t hear the alarm clock go off!
I brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed my clothes as fast as I could. Then I put my schoolbag on my shoulder and rushed out of the room like lightning, just about to rush out of the house.
“you haven’t had breakfast yet!”
My mother shouted behind me.
I rushed out of the house three steps and two steps, turned my head and said, “there’s no time, Mom. Mr. Tai Shang asked us to get to school 20 minutes early!”


I went back to my room and covered my ears tightly with my hands

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he is an atheist who never believes in ghosts and always gives a plausible explanation to mysterious phenomena.

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