The air suddenly became cold, and everyone could not help shivering


The air suddenly became cold, and everyone could not help shivering. I guess everyone was thinking like me: who was playing the piano and singing in the music room just now?
Is it.
Although the students think that the music room is haunted, no one wants to say the word “ghost”.
The music teacher looked questioningly at everyone’s pale faces, took out the key to open the door, then pushed the door and went in.
Everyone was so scared that they dared not enter at the door of the classroom-why was there the sound of the piano in the locked music room, and the singing of the music teacher who was clearly not inside could be heard?
This is so weird!
Seeing that the students were standing still at the door of the classroom, the music teacher waved to everyone and said, “come on in!”
However, my heart is so hairy that I even suspect that the beautiful and gentle music teacher is a ghost, and the door of the music room is the entrance to hell!
I felt an impulse to run away.
No one dares to enter the classroom. I guess the students think the same way-who wants to take classes with ghosts?
While we were hesitating, a voice exploded behind us: “it’s time for class. What are you doing at the door if you don’t go in?”
The voice was as loud as thunder. I turned my head and saw that it was the headmaster of “Lion nose” again.
Strange, how can I meet him everywhere today?
A classmate said with fear, “report to the headmaster that the music room is haunted!”
The headmaster was so angry that the lion’s nose emitted more white smoke and his sparse hair stood up.
“nonsense!” he roared angrily.
This excuse is ridiculous!
Go to class! ”
Everyone was stunned by his roar.
Zhu Ming said, “however, there was no one in the classroom just now, but there was the sound of the piano!”
I nodded and said, “Yes, there is the sound of the music teacher singing, and she was not in the classroom!”
The other students nodded.
The headmaster pointed to the door of the classroom and said loudly, “go to class quickly. It’s outrageous to lie together!”
I said aggrieved: “We are not lying.”. ”
The headmaster of “Lion nose” interrupted me rudely and roared, “shut up!”
I’ll fire anyone who dares not to attend class!
Besides, anyone who dares to spread rumors will be punished! ”
Everyone is silent, and now if anyone dares to say anything again, or dare not to attend class, the consequences will be very serious!
Although the students were very scared, they dillydally into the music room.
I don’t think anyone will listen to this class.
Although the weather has become very warm, but, I feel chilly back, as if there is a ghost standing behind!
I managed to get through 45 minutes.
As soon as the bell rang, everyone ran away before the music teacher could announce the end of the class.
The broadcast of recess exercises rang, and my classmates and I came to the big playground.
The huge footprint in the morning has been filled-our school has never been so efficient. It is estimated that the big footprint caused too much panic and speculation. In order to quell the rumor, the headmaster of “Lion nose” immediately found someone to fill it up as quickly as possible.
Although the big footprints have been filled in, the doubts in everyone’s hearts have not gone away.
From time to time, some students will look in the direction of the clock tower with frightened eyes.
“are the big footprints really made by monsters?”
“could it be that you dug it up last night?”
“how can there be only one footprint?
Does it have only one leg? ”
“is there really a monster in the clock tower?”
“it’s terrible. Will the monster come out to eat people one day?”
The students huddled together and talked to the new land on the ground. The headmaster of “Lion nose” shouted on the rostrum with a loudspeaker: “all go back to your seats in your class and begin to do exercises!”
The headmaster’s voice sounded like Lei Gong, plus a loudspeaker, which made everyone’s ears “buzz”.
The headmaster usually has a lot of prestige in the school, and most students see him like a mouse seeing a cat.
However, today, everyone was fascinated by the big footprints, so the headmaster said it was the same as not saying it, everyone was indifferent and still discussed it in twos and threes.
The headmaster was furious and shouted, “shut up!”
If anyone is still talking, he will be put on probation at once! ”
On probation?
The consequences are serious!
Everyone immediately ran as fast as rabbits and quickly returned to their seats.
The sound of broadcast gymnastics sounded.
While doing exercises, I couldn’t help looking in the direction of the clock tower.
Today’s clock tower looks particularly spooky and scary to me.
I shook my head and told myself, “well, don’t be paranoid and do exercises seriously!”
Unconsciously, a strange thing happened again: all the students disappeared, the playground was empty, and I was the only one.
Oh, my God, where is everybody?
How could it have disappeared in an instant?
What happened?
Have they all been taken by aliens?
Countless thoughts flashed through my mind.
I panicked and shouted, “Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing, where are you?”
Come on out. ”
It was quiet and there was no sound.


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