Following the light of the flashlight


Following the light of the flashlight, we saw a door behind the cracked wall.
The style is like the elevator door, new and new, shining in the light of the flashlight.
The metal that makes it seems to be steel, but it looks like gold and is very soft-it’s supposed to be a metal I’ve never seen before!
Zhu Ming looked straight in the eye and said, “No, it’s impossible!”
The clock tower was built more than 100 years ago. How could there be such a brand-new and advanced elevator in the clock tower more than 100 years ago?
The three of us held hands and pretended to be calm.
I fumbled on the elevator, trying to find its switch, but I touched it for a long time, but I didn’t touch anything.
Just when I felt discouraged, the elevator door suddenly opened, and the spotless, soft glow of the elevator room came into view.
Bai Gujing said, “it’s so beautiful. I wish the elevator in our building were so beautiful!”
Zhu Mingming and I looked at each other, and I thought: I can’t stand it. Bai Gujing is still in the mood to appreciate whether the elevator is beautiful at this time!
Zhu Ming asked, “do you want to go in?”
I gritted my teeth and said, “it’s all here, of course I want to go in!”
I walked quickly into the elevator, and Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing followed me.
The elevator door closes automatically and sinks quickly and steadily.
One minute, two minutes.
Five minutes.
The elevator kept sinking, with no intention of stopping at all.
Oh, my God, where will it sink?
Is the elevator shaft a bottomless abyss?
It won’t sink to hell, will it?
Zhu Mingming muttered to himself: “impossible, according to its rate of decline multiplied by time, we have now reached a kilometer underground!”
I fainted. What?
Are we a kilometer underground?
How many meters is the center of the earth from the ground?
Are we in the center of the earth?
Is there magma boiling around us?
If the elevator door is open, will the boiling magma rush in?
According to Zhu Mingming, the temperature of magma is very high, not to mention that we are flesh and blood, even steel, will be instantly melted!
My mind flashed with terrible fantasies.
Suddenly, the elevator door opened and there was no magma, only a huge bright room full of machines and equipment.
What’s this place?
Secret science lab?
An underground military base?
Or an alien ship?
I suddenly regret that, as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.
My curiosity not only hurt myself, but also dragged two good friends into the water.
If this is a dangerous place, then which one of us has something wrong, I will hate it for the rest of my life!
I was thinking wildly when I heard Zhu Mingming shouting, “look at that!”
I looked intently and saw a little green man who was only more than one meter tall.
It looks like ET, with a big head, a small body and a beer belly, with only four fingers on each hand.
At this time, it was lying on the ground, unconscious.
Zhu Mingming said in surprise, “look, it’s the little green man I met in the toilet. It’s not an illusion!”
Little green man?
Bai Gujing was also shocked and exclaimed, “there is really a little green man!”
It’s not a science fiction movie, is it?
Oh, my God, I never dreamed of such a thing! ”
A trace of doubt crossed my heart: are we really on an alien spaceship?
Why did the little green man faint to the ground?
Did it make a sound in my head and attract me?
Why on earth is it doing this?
Besides, aren’t flying saucers supposed to fly in the sky?
Why is it underground?
Looking at the little green man who fainted to the ground, Zhu Mingming suddenly rushed over, cut his hand back to the back, and asked, “Hello!”
Do either of you have a rope? ”
I asked, “what do you need a rope for?”
Zhu Mingming said, “I’m going to tie it up and show it to teachers and students, so that everyone knows that I did meet a green ghost and didn’t lie!”
Bai Gu Jing’s eyes lit up and said, “, we are rich!”
Bai Gujing is a small money junkie. When it comes to money, her eyes shine.
But what does the little green man have to do with getting rich?
Seeing the way I was confused, Bai Gujing explained: “as the saying goes, scarcity is precious.”
This little green man is unique in the world and is naturally worth a lot of money.
We picked it up and took it to exhibitions all over the world.
If you think about it, just selling tickets will allow us to count the money until we get cramps. ”
Zhu Cong Ming agreed: “, that’s right, this money is just for my mental damage!”
How many people around the world are looking for aliens and haven’t found them for years!
Haha, now the aliens actually hit us at gunpoint.
Bai Gujing, how much do you think we should charge for a ticket?
Ten dollars, or twenty dollars?. ”
Bai Gujing immediately said, “Twenty yuan?”
Now that prices are rising so fast, how can twenty yuan be enough?
At least a hundred yuan. ”
“and it must be dollars, no, euros, pounds!”
Two people enthusiastically figure out how to use the little green man to make money, I am speechless.
Suddenly, the little green man’s eyes opened-his eyes were so big that they occupied at least 2/3 of his face, and glowed with a faint green light, staring directly at us.
All three of us were stunned!


I took a coin out of my pocket

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The little green man said, "but it's been stolen now!"

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