I ran all the way, rushed into the school, rushed to the classroom.


I ran all the way, rushed into the school, rushed to the classroom.
It’s not time for class yet, but some students have already come.
I sat in my seat and all the students in the classroom gathered around me and looked at me curiously.
A classmate asked me, “who are you?”
What are you doing in our class? ”
I was surprised and asked, “Don’t you know me?”
Another classmate said questioningly, “are you a movie star?”
Look at you do not look like ah, the movie star is either handsome, or very characteristic.
But you are not good-looking, how can we know you? ”
Oh, no, there’s something wrong with the school, too!
I had an idea and said, “Hello, everyone. I’m a new transfer student. My name is Sun Xiaokong.”
The students roared with laughter.
A classmate said, “there is also a Sun Xiaokong in our class, but she is a girl.”
Is it possible that Sun Xiaokang in this class is the girl who lived in my room in my house yesterday?
Nine times out of ten, that’s true.
What on earth is going on?
My heart is sad, suddenly, I saw a familiar figure-Bai Gujing!
I rushed over, took her hand and said excitedly, “Great, you’re here at last!”
Bai Gujing stepped back in horror, looked at me with strange eyes and shouted, “who are you?”
What do you want? ”
Even Bai Gujing doesn’t know me anymore!
I couldn’t help feeling a wave of despair.
I shouted, “I’m Sun Xiaokang.”
Your good friend Sun Xiaokang! ”
Bai Gujing said, “Today is not April Fool’s Day, is it?”
Sun Xiaokang is a girl! ”
I let go of her hand, and I didn’t know what to do when another Bai Gujing came in.
The students gave a cry of surprise.
Bai Gujing, who came in first, saw the later Bai Gujing and said angrily, “who are you?”
Why did you come to my house to pretend to be me last night and said you were Bai Gujing?
Followed me to school again today.
If you harass me again, I’ll call the police! ”
I see, later Bai Gujing is my good friend!
The students talked about it one after another:
“not only do they look exactly alike, but they even have the same names?”
“isn’t that science fiction?”
“are they twin sisters?
Or who is Bai Gujing’s clone? ”
Later, when Bai Gujing saw me, she seemed to see her relatives.
She ran over, took me by the hand and rushed out of the classroom to the playground.
She asked very seriously, “Sun Xiaokang, it’s so good to see you.”
You won’t say you don’t know me, will you? ”
I smiled and said: “of course I know you, you are my good friend Bai Gujing!”
Then we exchanged our experiences last night.
Bai Gujing was as unlucky as I was-when she got home, she met a girl just like her in her room.
Bai Gujing was frightened and the girl screamed.
Bai Gujing’s father and mother came out of their room when they heard the sound.
As a result, she was kicked out of the house as a madman.
Bai Gujing called me and Zhu Mingming successively.
However, when he called my house, the person who answered the phone turned out to be a girl and claimed to be Sun Xiaokang.
She hung up and called Zhu Mingming again, but there was no answer.
Bai Gujing also wandered the street for a night, and met several hooligans on the road. Fortunately, she knew martial arts and taught the hooligans a lesson, so that nothing happened.
The next morning, she, like me, came to see me at school.
After that, the scene just happened.
I told Bai Gujing what happened to me.
Bai Gujing said doubtfully, “how did this happen?”
I said, “I don’t know.
I wonder where Zhu Mingming is now.
He has read a lot of strange science books, so you have to ask him about it! ”
I said, “well, Zhu Mingming is so smart that he will certainly think of coming to school to find us.”
We’ll wait for him here. ”
Baigujing nodded.
At this time, a noisy voice came. I turned my head and found that Zhu Mingming was quarreling with a tall and handsome boy.
We hurried over to see what was going on and listened to a few words from the people around us. We understood that the handsome guy was also called Zhu Mingming.
He didn’t want to share the same name as little fat man Zhu Mingming, so they quarreled.
We went over and pulled little fat Zhu Mingming aside.
Zhu Mingming clasped me and Bai Gujing’s hands and said, “Great, Sun Xiaokang and Bai Gujing, you haven’t disappeared!”
Bai Gujing and I looked at each other. Bai Gujing said, “how can we disappear?”
Zhu Mingming said: “this world is not our original world, but a different-dimensional universe-what the little green man said about the intersection and collision of different universes is happening.”
I said doubtfully, “what do you mean?”
I don’t understand! ”
When the little green man said it, I actually seemed to understand it.
Zhu Mingming said: “the universe in which we live is pluralistic. In addition to the universe in which we were born, there are countless other universes that are similar to us, but not the same.”
Remember, it’s similar, but not the same. ”
It suddenly dawned on me: “No wonder there are two suns in this world.”
Cars and buildings are also strange! ”
Zhu Mingming said: “not only these, but also people are different.”
For example, you are a girl in this world, and Bai Gujing has a copy.
As for me, I don’t exist in this world, or I’ve never been born! “


The little green man said, "but it's been stolen now!"

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When we came to the central square of the city

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