It turned out that my mother forgot to bring her cell phone and came home to pick it up.


It turned out that my mother forgot to bring her cell phone and came home to pick it up. I bumped into the muzzle of the gun!
My mother hung up the phone and said to me, “what are you waiting for?”
Why don’t you go and do your homework!
If I find you lazy again, it will be good for you! ”
I had to go back to my room to do my homework.
I sighed in my heart: alas, after watching the cartoon for a while, I was caught, which really made the house open a coal shop.
Forget it. You’d better accept your fate and do your homework.
After a while, there was the sound of opening the door.
I thought to myself: why are Mom and Dad back so soon?
I heard Mom and Dad talking in the living room:
“Mother, why don’t you sit at your friend’s house for a while and come back in such a hurry?”
“when I came back to pick up my phone just now, I saw Xiao Kong watching TV.
The child is so unconscious that he can’t even keep an eye on it for a while!
Alas, when will he become more sensible? ”
I thought indignantly: am I not obedient enough?
I’m turning into a robot that commands one action!
I threw down my pen, went to the window and looked at the clear night sky, distraught.
I was thinking: alas, if only I had Sun WuKong’s ability to split up, pull out a hair, blow, and create another self.
I asked him to take classes, do my homework, go to cram school and learn the piano for me.
All in all, everything I don’t want to do can be left to him!
At this time, a silver meteor passed across the sky.
I quickly closed my eyes and made a wish: God, please give me the art of separation, let me do all the things I do not want to do, then I will be free to do what I want to do.
When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that the meteor was getting bigger and bigger: first like a nail, then like a fist, then like a football.
It flew towards me like the wind.
Oh, my God, it’s not gonna knock our building down, is it?
I couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and something even more frightening happened: a meteor as big as a basketball flew in through the window and crashed straight into my chest.
I couldn’t dodge, and my whole body was knocked against the wall by its huge impact, and slid down the wall to the ground.
I looked down and thought my body would be hit by a meteor, but it didn’t– the meteor rushed into my body, and I was burning, hot and sweating.
I screamed with fear.
“Xiao Kong, what’s the matter with you?”
Father and mother rushed in, and my mother helped me up and asked.
I said in horror, “Mom, a meteor flew into my body just now.”
Dad frowned and said, “what?”
Meteors fly into your body?
How is that possible? ”
The mother said, “you child, you are talking nonsense again. Do your homework well!”
At this time, the burning feeling of my body faded, and everything that had just happened was as unpredictable as a dream: did the meteor rush into my body?
Now even I think it’s incredible.
My mother saw me in a daze and said, “stop thinking and go to bed early after you finish your homework.”
That night, I had a nightmare: I changed from one to two, two to four, four to sixteen.
And ended up with thousands of.
Thousands of me, with dark eyes and pale faces, poured at me like zombies.
I woke up from the dream, sweating, and then tossed and turned, and it took me a long time to fall asleep.
“Xiao Kong, get up. If you don’t get up, you’ll be late for school!”
Early in the morning, the sound of my mother calling me to get up came.
I struggled to sit up from the bed, and the bright sun stung my eyes a little.
My mother looked at me, frowned, put her hand on my forehead and asked, “son, are you all right?”
Why are you so pale? ”
I said, “it’s all right. I didn’t sleep well last night.”
Oh, Mom, I have a headache today. Can you take a day off for me? ”
I thought to myself: if only I could not go to school today!
The mother said, “son, if you can’t get down the line of fire with a minor injury, you can’t stop going to school just because you didn’t sleep well last night.”
Get up quickly. ”
I got up reluctantly, slipped on my slippers and went to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and dozing off.
I thought to myself: I am so sleepy. If only I had a separate body, I could let him go to school instead of me, and I would sleep well at home.
Alas, reality is not a fairy tale, of course it is impossible!
After brushing my teeth, I looked up to wash my face, only to see two of myself in the mirror.
That’s impossible!
Am I dizzy?
I rubbed my eyes and found that there was indeed one more myself in the mirror. I was scared out of my mind and thought, “what’s going on?”
Subconsciously, I looked back and found that there was indeed a man standing behind me, who looked exactly like me!
Who’s he?
Is it a ghost?
Oh, my God, I’m afraid of ghosts!


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