I got on the bus and went to the amusement park.


I got on the bus and went to the amusement park.
Although it is not a weekend, the amusement park is still crowded with people-most of them adults.
I pouted my mouth and thought: really, these adults, why not go to the park or other places, but come to the amusement park to grab things with us children!
Roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel.
I want to play with everything.
But wherever you go, you have to wait in a long line.
I stood in the Ferris wheel queue and got impatient after waiting for a while, thinking: if I stand in line like this, I won’t be able to play many events when it gets dark.
What shall I do?
If only someone stood in line for me!
Alas, it’s a pity that I only have one part.
When I thought so, I felt dizzy, and when I looked intently, a man beside me was squeezing in front of me.
“Why, how did you cut in line?”
I tugged at his clothes and said angrily.
When the man looked back, I suddenly felt like looking in the mirror-he looked just like me!
He looked at me and said to me, “didn’t you ask me to stand in line for you?”
I was surprised, staring at him, suddenly enlightened, said: “you, you are my part?”
He looked at me with “of course” eyes and asked, “if not, who am I?”
I said happily, “OK, you line up here, and I’ll play the project with fewer people first.”
I walked to another place, walked two steps, I had an idea, thought: Hey, if I change a few more people to help me stand in line, can not I play a few more projects?
When I thought so, suddenly there were several more people around me.
I looked intently: , they look almost like me carved out of the same mold!
I asked, “are you all mine?”
They said in unison, “of course. What can I do for you?”
I said, “go and help me stand in line!”
You, go to the Trojan horse.
You, go to the roller coaster.
You, go to the torrent Yongjin. ”
The split-men nodded obediently, then scattered as birds and beasts and lined up.
I looked around, fortunately, there were many people in the amusement park, and I was in a more remote place, and no one noticed us.
I took a cool ride in the shade for a while, thinking that the time was almost up. I wandered to the front of the Ferris wheel line. Sure enough, I ran over and said, “the task is done, you go!”
Give up your seat to me obediently.
The man behind me said, “how could you?”
Let your brother stand in line for you for half a day, and you go and play by yourself? ”
I said, “he’s happy. Do you envy him?”
If you have the ability, you can become a part of yourself. ”
I quickly covered my mouth lest he should hear the word “split”.
Fortunately, he didn’t hear me clearly. He turned around and asked my partner, “are you really willing to help him stand in line?”
My husband nodded and said, “Yes!”
I was so happy that I snorted coldly to the nosy guy and said to myself, “well, dogs take rats and mind their own business!”
Wow, it’s my turn!
It’s so cool! ”
I got into the car of the Ferris wheel, and the Ferris wheel rose slowly.
Looking at the whole city at my feet, I was delighted: , how happy I am!
After getting off the Ferris wheel, I walked leisurely to the place where I was playing with the pirate ship, when it was my turn to split up.
When I walked over, he gave up his seat to me without saying a word.
This time, everyone “sweeps the snow in front of the door, and no one cares about the frost on the tiles of others.” No one cares about me.
When I was on a pirate ship in Shanghai, the pirate ship swung higher and higher, and I felt as if I was going to fly out.
With great pleasure, I shouted, “Ah–”
Because I had a separate person standing in line for me, I had a relaxed and happy time.
I didn’t think of going home until the evening when it was getting dark.
As I hurried home through the stars and the moon, I was nervous all the way: where are the people who stood in line for me?
Will they go to my house?
By the way, did the lover who went to school for me go home?
Isn’t it going to be a mess when I go home with so many halves?
I was thinking about it. I was already near the neighborhood. I was busy looking for a public phone to call home.
Dad answered the phone, and he yelled indiscriminately, “Hello, who is it?”
Don’t you know I’m writing? ”
I said, “Dad, it’s me!”
Dad was still angry and said, “come home after school. Why are you calling back?”
Do you know that I am working on an ancient and modern work, perhaps because of your interruption, this work will get stuck, will not be able to write, and will disappear? ”
Dad hung up the phone with that.
What he said was so serious that it was as if I had committed some crime instead of making a phone call.
Judging from the phone call between me and my father, I was relieved that none of the separated men had come home yet.
But if they all go home, how can I explain to Mom and Dad?
I was thinking hard when a pupil with a schoolbag and as tall as me walked past me.
I felt happy: Hey, isn’t this the person who goes to class for me?
I pulled him aside and asked, “how was your day?”
Have you been recognized? ”
The man glanced at me, and for some reason, I felt a little disdain in his eyes.
I was about to lose my temper when I found him smiling at me-was it my delusion just now?
The man said, “No one recognized me, and I was praised by the teacher!”
I was surprised and asked, “what?”
Praised by the teacher?
Oh yeah?
Give me back my bag, you can go! ”
The man asked, “Let’s go?”
Where are you going? ”
I thought about it and said, “you can go anywhere, but don’t show up near my house.”.
Don’t show up at school, let alone in front of me, do you understand? ”
He parted and nodded, turned and walked away.
Looking at the figure of the split-body leaving, I immediately had an idea: as long as I stopped the other people from going home, I could not be discovered by my father and mother, and I didn’t have to explain.
I walked quickly to the gate of the community and stood by the side of the road.
Sure enough, my avatars are coming back one after another.
I asked them where they had gone after the queue.
They told me their whereabouts one by one: some went shopping all day, some played games in the game hall, and some went to Internet cafes to surf the Internet.
Like the first one, I sent them all away and stressed to them not to show up near my house or at school.
The split-ups were very obedient, and without a rebuttal, all left obediently.
I was so happy today that I thought that from then on, I could do whatever I wanted to do for me. I whistled and went home happily.


It turned out that my mother forgot to bring her cell phone and came home to pick it up.

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After waiting for more than 20 minutes, a bus finally wobbled over.

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