I was going to use it to fight aliens.

Zhu Mingming rushed to 77 and said angrily, “it’s all your fault!”
I knew you had bad intentions! ”
“I did recruit my people, but that’s what I used to think!”
Qiqi smiled bitterly and said, “now, I want to help you.”
“if you help us, how can you help us?”
Zhu Mingming said angrily.
Bai Gujing and I also turned our eyes to 77.
“what are you going to do?”
I asked.
“in fact, you don’t have to do anything to get my people to withdraw?”
Said Qiqi.
“how is that possible?”
“on the way to you, I fainted because of the heavy haze outside.”
Qiqi said, “Blue Card is a clean planet, no pollution, let alone haze, so our immunity to pollution is very low.”
Sun Xiaokang, you must still remember the time when we fell off a cliff and fell into the sea. I almost died after I was soaked in the sea.
The reason for that is that the sea area is polluted, and I can’t stand its pollution, just like your haze.
Therefore, although your technology is not as good as ours, you have haze and pollution. Even if my people occupy the earth, they will retreat because they can’t stand the dirty environment of the earth! ”
Zhu Mingming asked, “do you mean that we just have to wait at home?”
“Yes, the people of the earth will win without a fight!”
Qiqi said, “but now I’m going to tell my people about this.”
I want them to drive back in the UFO now so as not to get out of the UFO and get hurt by pollution. ”
“you’re not trying to escape, are you?
Or do you want to collude with your people to engage in some kind of conspiracy? ”
Zhu Ming sneered, “Sun Xiaokang and Bai Gujing believe you because they are soft-hearted, and I am not so gullible.”
“if you don’t believe me, you can come with me.”
“I’ll go with you.”
I said, “but it’s not that I don’t believe you, but because the haze outside hasn’t dispersed yet.”
As a long-term “drug addict” on the earth, my immunity is much stronger than yours.
In case you can’t hold up, I can have a care by your side. ”
“Sun Xiaokang, you.”
Qiqi choked up. This was the first time I saw her so moved that she could not speak.
“well, thank you!
I’m glad to have you as a friend.
When I return to the Blue Card Star, I would also like to tell my people that the emotion between people is actually more precious and advanced than technology, development, and everything else! ”
I untied the rope tied to the heating pipe and climbed onto the back of 77.
Zhu Mingming was still worried. He took out something that looked like a flashlight from his schoolbag, stuffed it into my hand and said, “this is my lightsaber inspired by the movie Star Wars.”
I was going to use it to fight aliens.
If you take it with you, you can use it for self-defense if you play any intrigue or danger with you. ”
I pressed a button on the lightsaber, and like in the Star Wars movie, the flashlight rang and emitted a dazzling laser beam.
I hold it in my hand, it is really indescribable prestige!
Although I didn’t think I could use a lightsaber at all, I couldn’t refuse Zhu Mingming’s kindness and took it with me.
Qiqi flapped its huge fleshy wings and carried me out of the window.
During the flight, Qi Qi and I kept coughing because of the severe haze.
77 flew under the largest flying saucer and used brainwaves to communicate with the blue card people in the flying saucer.
Although I could not hear what 77 said to her people, her words worked, and after a while, the alien flying saucer began to retreat into space.
“well, Earth friends, my people will never come again, and I will go back. Thank you for your help, tolerance and friendship, which I will always remember.”
Qiqi sent me back to my home and said to me, Bai Gujing and Zhu Mingming, “I would also like to remind you that fresh air, clean drinking water and safe food are the most basic guarantee for human survival.”
The pollution of the environment is actually the pollution of the mind; the emergence of haze is a warning to human beings by nature.
In fact, not only land, is considered to contain all things, ubiquitous air, its carrying capacity is also limited, the emergence of haze shows that air quality has reached a critical point.
If you humans do not want to repent, in the long run, you do not have to wait for aliens to invade, the earth will also be destroyed by human hands!
You must be careful! ”
Then, Qi Qi spread her wings and flew to the nearest UFO. The UFO shot a beam of white light, inhaled Qi Qi, and then disappeared into the sky.
All the alien flying saucers have retreated, but the haze is still the same!
Looking out of the dark window, my heart was unspeakably heavy.


I didn't knock her out.

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I told them my dream in class.

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