I told them my dream in class.

After class, Bai Gujing dragged me to a remote corner of the playground, and Zhu Mingming followed me-both of them were my best friends. Bai Gujing gave me a “popped chestnut” on the back of my head and roared, “Sun Xiaokang, you didn’t listen carefully, but you went so far as to sleep in class!” If you dare to do this again, I won’t hit you! ” Bai Gujing shook her fist at me-she practiced martial arts from an early age, even if she was an adult, she was not necessarily her opponent. Zhu Mingming put his hand on my shoulder, put his hand close to my ear and said, “Sun Xiaokang, who is Menger?” Did you dream of a pretty girl? And call someone else’s name. ” I told them my dream in class. Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing laughed after listening. Zhu Mingming said: “as the saying goes, ‘you have something to think about every day and a dream at night.’ I think you are crazy about saving beauty from heroes! Haha, Sun Xiaokang is really the king of fantasy, even dreaming is so imaginative! ” Bai Gujing said, “Don’t read those messy comic books anymore, so you don’t have to do these messy ‘daydreams’ again!” I am famous for daydreaming in my class, so I was nicknamed “King of Fantasy”. Two people are you a word he denounced me, suddenly, the sky heard a “boom” explosion. We all looked up in surprise: Oh, my God, the sky was as blue as crystal, and a big black hole appeared out of thin air. A huge monster that looked like a teddy bear fell out of the hole and fell to the ground-it was more than a dozen stories high and its weight was amazing. It shook the earth when it fell to the ground. Zhu Mingming shouted in horror, “Oh, my God, what is that?” The bear monster raised a huge bear’s paw and patted a six-story building opposite the school. The building looked strong, but now it looks like flour and collapsed in an instant! “help! It’s terrible! ” “here comes the monster. Run!” When the students on the playground saw the bear monster, they were all startled and ran away screaming. The bear monster stepped on his big feet and walked in the direction of our school-his footsteps were so big that he could walk several blocks with one foot. Just as the soles of the bear kicks down the school wall and is about to step into the campus, a giant robot similar to the one in the cartoon suddenly falls from the sky and stops in front of the bear. When the bear monster saw Gao Da, he waved his hand at it. Gao Da was not a vegetarian. He reached out and caught the bear monster’s slap and began to fight with him. The three of us, as well as the students on the playground, all stopped running and cheered for Gao Da in unison. But Gunda’s movements are very inflexible and even in a bit of a hurry. Bai Gujing was worried: “who is driving Gao Da?” Don’t kick when it’s time to kick, don’t swing your fist when it’s time to punch! If it were me, I would have knocked the bear monster down! ” Zhu Mingming also said: “Yes, at a glance, I don’t play video games very much. I haven’t grasped a lot of good opportunities. I’m afraid I’m going to hang up!” Before Zhu Ming’s words fell, Gao Da was hit in the chest by a bear monster and flew over more than half of the playground and fell next to the teaching building– its body was so huge and heavy that it knocked off a corner of the teaching building. and smashed a hole in the playground. The bear monster strode into the campus, and the students scattered as birds and animals again and ran away to the outside of the school. The three of us hurried, too. I wish I had two more legs. Alas, if you are overtaken by a bear monster, you can’t be trampled into a picture by it? “Sun Xiaokang, come here, come here to Gao Da!” A girl’s voice sounded in my head. Is Goda calling me? The voice added, “come to the cab of Gunda, only you can stop the bear monster!” I don’t know where I got the courage, gritted my teeth, turned around and ran towards Gunda. Bai Gujing grabbed me and said, “are you crazy?” You should run this way! ” I explained, “Gunda is calling me, saying that only I can stop the bear monster!” Baigujing was stupefied. Zhu Mingming said, “did you hear wrong? why didn’t we hear it?” “I heard it in my head!” I broke away from Bai Gujing’s hand and ran to Gao Da. Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing chased after them. “Let’s go, it’s dangerous!” I shouted. “We can’t let you fight alone!” Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing said in unison. A warm current welled up in my heart. Although the two of them were often sarcastic about me, they were always with me when I was in danger. We ran to Gouda. Gao Da’s cockpit door opened and a voice said, “Sun Xiaokang, come on in!” Zhu Mingming said in surprise, “does the driver of Gao Da know you?” I looked intently and found that it was the beautiful girl dream that I had just dreamed of. Her arm was wrapped in gauze-the arrow wound had not yet healed, so it was no wonder that Gao Da’s movements were so inflexible. Bai Gujing asked, “who is she?” Menger said, “it’s too late to explain. Come on in!” When we rushed into the cab, the bear monster was only a short distance away from us, and he raised the soles of his feet and stepped on Gao Da’s head-it felt like Mount Tai was on top, more terrifying than before!

I was going to use it to fight aliens.

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I asked strangely.

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