I am delighted with my superpower


I am delighted with my superpower: I can not only run fast, but also fly, and I have great strength. I am so handsome!
I was smug when I heard someone shouting, “it’s on fire!”
It’s on fire! ”
I looked up and saw a fire broke out in an eight-story residential building in front of me, and thick black smoke came out of the sixth floor.
There was a large crowd of onlookers. I took a closer look. The fire brigade had not yet arrived, and a young woman was desperately trying to squeeze in.
The people around her grabbed her, and she shouted, “Let me go, my baby is in there!”
He can’t walk yet!
I live on the highest floor, the fire hasn’t burned yet, and he’s still alive!
I’m going to save him! ”
People around her advised her:
“the fire is too big for you to get up.”
“wait for the fire brigade!”
“even if you go there, you will die!”
My heart is tight, there is a child on it!
Although I don’t have wings, I can fly!
But I don’t know if I can fly so high.
Try it first!
I rushed up to her and said, “come on, give me the keys!”
She froze.
I said, “I’ll go up and save your child!”
She still didn’t respond. I couldn’t wait. I grabbed the bag from her hand, took out the key and stuffed it into my pants pocket, and gave it back to her.
Everyone froze. They must have thought I was a robber, but what’s the use of grabbing a set of keys?
I ran back for a while, stopped, took a deep breath, and then I started running faster and faster like the high jump in PE class. as I got closer and closer to the building, I kicked hard on the ground with my heels. my body immediately rose into the air like a ball that fell to the ground.
I said to myself not to panic, feet desperately kicking, hands open, flapping like wings, although my posture is not very good-looking, but I do fly higher and higher.
There was an exclamation under my feet:
“Oh, my God, that kid is flying!”
He flew up! ”
“it’s Superman!”
My body kept climbing-several times, I almost couldn’t fly, but I waved my hands hard, kicked my legs, and finally I flew a little higher than the building.
I struggled one more step forward and finally landed on the roof of the top floor.
I breathed a long sigh of relief and thought, “how close it is!”
I looked around and found an iron door leading downstairs.
But the iron door was locked and couldn’t be pushed open.
I tried it with the key in my hand, but none of them could open it.
I looked down at my red and swollen hands. It’s important to save people. I can’t control them any more!
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, concentrated all my strength on my fist and slammed it forward. “bang”. After a loud bang, I opened my eyes and saw a big hole in the iron door.
Although I knew I was getting stronger, I was shocked when I saw that I had really smashed a hole in the iron door.
The hand that smashed the door was so painful that I had to put my other hand into the hole and unlock the door.
The corridor was full of smoke, which made me cough.
I covered my nose and mouth and ran downstairs in the smoke.
I felt as if I had broken into the mountain of fire, sweating all over.
The fire has reached the seventh floor, and there are only two families here. I tried it with the key and finally opened one of the doors.
I rushed in and looked everywhere for children, and finally, I found a crib in the bedroom, a seven-or eight-month-old baby lying on its back in diapers.
The room was filled with smoke and the baby was silent.
I was surprised: Oh, my God, is there anything wrong with him?
I put a finger under his nose, but luckily he was still breathing and probably fainted.
I picked up the baby, rushed up to the roof and jumped downstairs without hesitation.
I put my arms around the child and kicked my feet hard to slow down the landing.
The people downstairs exclaimed again:
“Oh, my God, he jumped!”
“No, it flew down!”
“he saved the child!”
I landed safely and felt weak all over.
The child’s mother took the child, hugged her tightly in her arms and said to me, “Thank you, thank you so much!”
I was a little intoxicated by the way people looked at me.
The reporters gathered around me, and the flashing lights made me unable to open my eyes. The reporters asked with all their tongues:
“Little Superman, what’s your name?”
“are you one of the four teenagers who stopped the robbers in the last jewelry robbery?
You look just like them!
Do you know where they are? ”
“is there anything you want to say to everyone that you have acted bravely for righteousness and sacrificed your life to save others?”


After waiting for more than 20 minutes, a bus finally wobbled over.

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The first class is a Chinese class

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