Why do you ask?

Ying Ying said, “Sun Xiaokang, hold on to my clothes so as not to fly out later.”
I blushed and thought: let me hold on to her clothes, isn’t that for me to hang out with girls?
I am a boy, can I be embarrassed?
I don’t want it!
I said hurriedly, “it doesn’t matter!”
Ying Ying patted the head of the white tiger and said, “Xiao Bai, let’s go!”
The white tiger began to run.
I leaned back and almost fell to the ground.
I let out a scream of fear and clasped the shadow’s clothes tightly.
Ying Ying laughed loudly.
The wind roared in my ears, and gradually, I calmed down.
Looking at the red clouds on the horizon and the peach trees as brilliant as the red clouds, I thought to myself: I actually run in the peach trees on a tiger?
Am I really not dreaming?
I don’t know how long Xiaobai ran with us.
When we finally got out of the peach grove, I saw fields golden with the afterglow of the setting sun, emerald-green lakes and plumes of smoke coming from the chimneys of quaint houses.
The tiger led us to the lake.
Walking along the lake, the water of the lake is crystal clear.
Peach Blossom Mountain, sky, sunset, sunset.
Reflected in the water, unspeakable beauty.
I took a deep breath, the air here is fresh without any impurities, but also contains the intoxicating fragrance of flowers and plants, I immediately floated.
I asked, “what kind of lake is this?”
In fact, I already have the answer in my heart. I vaguely think it should be called Willow Leaf Lake.
But it’s better to ask.
Ying Ying said, “this is Willow Leaf Lake!”
Oh, I can be sure now: I am now in the Peach Blossom Garden Scenic spot in C City, H Province!
However, I am not sure of the age I am in. As things stand, I seem to have really traveled to the Peach Blossom Garden in ancient times.
Seeing some small boats parked by the lake, I was suddenly interested and asked, “Shadow, is your home across the lake?”
Can we row to the other side? ”
Ying Ying said, “Yes.”
But you can’t go near the island in the center of the lake, otherwise there will be huge waves on the lake, which is very dangerous. ”
I nodded and thought: the passage that appeared in my mind in the Chinese class that day also mentioned this point-after the war between the Phoenix and the Dark Lord, in order to protect the spirit of the Peach Blossom Garden, the Quan Yin Bodhisattva set a boundary to prevent people from easily approaching the island in the lake.
But isn’t the battle between the Phoenix and the Dark Lord over?
What am I doing here?
And didn’t Phoenix defeat the Dark Lord?
It’s like a wonderland here. Where can I help you?
Why will Peach Blossom Garden become ruins in the future?
“Ying er, do you know where the Phoenix is?”
According to legend, I don’t know how many years ago, the Phoenix helped us defeat the Dark Lord, and it has been gone ever since!
I’ve never seen a Phoenix before!
Why do you ask? ”
I shook my head and said, “it’s all right!”
I thought to myself: could the dragon have sent me to the wrong place?
Forget it, first find a place to settle down, and then slowly look for the Phoenix!
I have a faint feeling that if I find the Phoenix, I will be able to go home.
Yan Ying and I got off the back of the tiger. We got into a small boat, bypassed the island in the middle of the lake, and rowed to the opposite side of the lake.
When we got ashore, Xiaobai was already waiting there-he was really a good tiger.
We climbed back on the back of the tiger.
The tiger slowed down as it approached the village.
From time to time, there are twos and threes of people walking along the field path. they are dressed in ancient costumes, some carry hoes, some carry food baskets, and some lead oxen.
It looks so leisurely!
I thought luckily: no matter what time it is, fortunately this is still China, I still understand what they say-at least the dragon didn’t throw me into the indigenous tribes of Africa!
Ying Ying knew everyone on the road, and she kept smiling and greeting everyone along the way.
All the passers-by looked at me curiously, and Ying Ying explained to them one by one: “the boy lost his way on the mountain. I brought him back.”
The people here are simple and hospitable. They all smile at me and welcome my arrival.
Xiaobai stopped outside a white house on the edge of the village, and Ying Ying said to me, “here we are!”
As she said that, she first jumped off the back of the tiger. She was afraid that I would wrestle, so she reached out to help me.
I didn’t let her help me, and I jumped directly from the back of the tiger.
However, after all, it was my first time to ride a tiger. I staggered forward two steps after I went to the ground and almost fell.
I looked back at the shadow, but fortunately, she didn’t look at me.
“Grandpa, I’m back!”
Ying Ying pushed open the door of the white house and shouted.
I followed him in.
This is an enclosed house, the yard is very large, there is a well in the yard, planted mulberry trees, elm trees, but also built a large grape frame, planted a lot of vegetables, raised a lot of chickens and ducks.
Besides, there are many grotesque things made of wood.
Hearing the call of Shadow, a Hale and hearty old man came out of the house.
He was wearing a navy blue blouse, trousers and an axe at his waist.
Seeing the shadow, he said excitedly, “Shadow, you’re back!”
Come and see, this is a wooden bird I made according to the records of ancient books. It can fly people to the sky.
Why, who is this little boy? ”
Kui Ying said, “Grandpa, this is Sun Xiaokang. Xiaobai and I met him when we were picking medicine on the mountain.”
He said the dragon took him there.
Hee hee, where are there dragons in the world?
I guess he got lost in the mountain, so I brought him back. ”
Hearing Ying Ying say that I was brought by a dragon, the old man’s eyes suddenly lit up.
I thought to myself: does the old man know anything?
I asked anxiously, “do you know where there are dragons here?”
The old man shook his head and said, “it is said that there was a dragon here a long time ago, but now no one has ever seen it again!”
I fell into the abyss of disappointment again.


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