Grandpa Lu proudly asked, “how is it?”
His face was covered with smiles, and he looked like a child showing off rare toys.
I gave a thumbs up and repeatedly praised, “that’s great, Grandpa Lu!”
Why do wooden people move? ”
Grandpa Lu smiled and said, “this wooden man is made of leather, wood, gum, as well as clay, black charcoal, red sand and other pigments.”
In its body, the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys are complete, while muscles and bones, joints, fur and tooth hair are all fake, but there are a lot of them.
Its five internal organs control all the organs of the body. For example, if the wooden man’s heart is removed, he will not be able to speak or make a sound; if the wooden man’s liver is removed, his eyes will not be able to see; if the wooden man’s kidney is removed, his feet will not move. ”
“Why, isn’t this a robot?”
“Robot, what a nice name!
Oh, by the way, I also made a group of wooden people who can play musical instruments. Come and have a look. ”
Grandpa Lu dragged me to a long table next to the hall.
In the corner of the long table stood six lifelike wooden people, each about twenty centimeters tall.
Some of them have erhu in their hands, some with guqin in front of them, some with flutes, and some with unknown musical instruments.
Grandpa Lu pressed a machine on the table, and all the wooden people began to move. for a moment, the sound of piano, Xiao and erhu.
Floated from the long table.
Xiao Mu people played a piece of music with extremely beautiful tunes. I didn’t just think I had enough eyes, I didn’t even have enough ears!
I thought to myself: so cool, if I can bring this group of wooden people, no, small robots back to the 21 century, it will cause a huge sensation!
By the way, I can form a band made up of small robots and take them everywhere to perform.
Haha, I’m sure I can get rich, and I’m sure I’ll count the money until I get a cramp.
“Sun Xiaokang!”
Ying Ying roared in my ear.
All the red hundred-dollar bills flying in my head are gone.
I said discontentedly, “Why are you shouting so loudly?”
Your ears are deafening! ”
“you didn’t hear me call you several times, but just giggled blankly!
I thought you were possessed! ”
“go, you are possessed!
What do you want me to do? ”
“I told you to eat!
Grandpa is also true. When talking about his invention, he forgot to eat! ”
Grandpa Lu smiled and said apologetically, “not next time!”
Ying Ying said with a beep, “next time, I’ll say that every time.”
Come and eat! ”
Grandpa Lu and I both laughed, followed Ying Ying to the dining room and sat down at the round table full of food.
Grandpa Lu clapped his hands, and a wooden man came to us with a basin of water.
Grandpa Lu said, “wash your hands before eating!”
I was shocked again: is this a robot that can do housework?
Oh, my God, the inventors of the 21 century should have come to see it in ancient times!
I washed my hands in the basin, then sat down at the table and ate hungrily.
Oh, my God, the food cooked by Ying Ying is so delicious!
Especially stewed chicken with mushrooms and all kinds of wild vegetables, I have never eaten such delicious food!
I soon ate a round stomach.
Looking up, Grandpa Lu and Ying Ying were looking at me. Ying Ying frowned and said, “Sun Xiaokong, have you been hungry for three days and three nights?”
“No, the main thing is that the food is so delicious!
Where did these things come from? ”
“I picked mushrooms from the mountains, chickens from the mountains, and wild vegetables from the stream.”
I thought to myself: it’s all natural, no wonder it’s so delicious!
With the development of modern civilization, the material is rich, but the taste and nutrition are not good!
In addition, don’t worry about what to eat, such as gutter oil, too many pesticide residues, fruits and vegetables hit with hormones.
Is our society making progress or retrogression?
After filling my stomach, I thought about wooden birds again.
I asked, “Grandpa Lu, can I ride a wooden bird?”
Grandpa Lu said, “Sun Xiaokang, it’s getting dark. I’m afraid you’ll be in danger.”
You’d better ride it tomorrow! ”
Do you have to wait until tomorrow?
No, not to mention waiting all night, I can’t wait for an hour!
I begged: “Grandpa Lu, let me ride, just for a while!”
Grandpa Lu still shook his head and said, “you are not familiar with the terrain here, so it is safer during the day.”
Ying Ying said excitedly, “Grandpa, shall I ride with Sun Xiaokang?”
I know how to manipulate wooden birds, so don’t worry! ”
Grandpa Lu thought for a moment and said, “all right.”
But you have to be careful! “


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