Are aliens so kind?


Dr. Ma’s words shocked both Bai Gujing and me.
I asked, “aliens have already come to Earth, so what are they doing here?”
Dr. Xie Ma said: “come to the earth to help the people of the earth develop civilization!”
Bai Gujing and I were even more surprised.
Bai Gujing asked, “what?
Are aliens so kind? ”
Zhu Mingming said, “they don’t necessarily do this out of good intentions!”
I said, “if it’s not out of kindness, what’s that for?”
Dr. Xiema said, “do you think humans raise pigs because they are kind-hearted?”
I blurted out, “you mean the aliens are going to fatten us like pigs and eat us?”
Dr. Ma, Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing all laughed, and I couldn’t help blushing.
Dr. Xie Ma said, “it’s not to eat us.”
The analogy of ‘raising pigs’ is not accurate enough. For example, the ancient aristocrats trained their servants and taught them some knowledge and skills, not for altruism, but for self-interest-to enable servants to serve themselves better. ”
I said, “I see that aliens help earthlings in order to make them better slaves, right?”
Dr. Ma nodded and said, “that’s right!”
Bai Gujing asked: “however, if the earth civilization develops too fast and surpasses the alien civilization, then they will not ‘steal the chicken without a reaction’.”
Dr. Xie Ma said, “there is such a risk!”
However, their civilization must be tens of thousands of years more advanced than the earth, and even if the earth’s science and technology develops in another thousand or ten thousand years, it will not matter to them. Therefore, they can have nothing to fear.
When the earth civilization develops to serve them almost conveniently, they will cross the stars, turn the earth into a colony and turn the earth people into their slaves. ”
Bai Gujing said: “these aliens are so despicable!”
Dr. Ma, why don’t you publish your research results to the world? ”
Zhu Mingming said: “Dr. strange horse has written a large number of papers and works to explain his point of view to people, but no one believes him, everyone thinks that his theory is nonsense!”
Two years ago, Dr. Strange Horse suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he had gone. Unexpectedly, he came to this small island.
By the way, Dr. Strange Horse, why are you on this island? ”
Dr. Xie Ma said, “two years ago, I found an ancient map painted on sheepskin.”
Through that ancient map, I found this island, and have been living on this island to do research.
I found that this island was the island where aliens first landed on Earth more than 15000 years ago. I found a lot of evidence on this island that aliens, lunar spaceships and aliens helped Earth people develop civilization! ”
I exclaimed, “what a coincidence?
We also happened to be caught on this island. ”
“it’s not a coincidence,” Dr. Ma said. “there has never been a real coincidence in the world.
There must be some reason behind anything that happens.
Those who look like you are sent by aliens.
This is their base, and of course they will use it as a stronghold.
You are the captives of aliens, and they will naturally bring you here.
Young man, there must be a reason why aliens grow up just like you.
Now, please tell me something about them. ”
After such an analysis of Dr. Ma, I also think that what has happened is by no means accidental.
So I gave a detailed account of how I was hit by a meteor and became more split.
Dr. Xie Ma said, “I see!”
It seems that my guess is correct. People who look like you are tools for aliens to send to Earth to gather information. ”
The three of us didn’t understand and asked in unison, “what do you mean?”
I never dreamed that my separate body and I had so much to do with the security of the earth and the future of mankind!
Dr. Strange Ma said eloquently: “more than 15000 years ago, aliens came to Earth to teach primitive people on Earth to make and use tools to help primitive humans gradually evolve into intelligent, potential, and working humans.”
This is equivalent to sowing the seeds of civilization on the earth.
Today, they have sent some special agents– people who are very similar to you– to earth in order to gather information about the earth’s civilization and see if the earth’s civilization has developed enough for them to emigrate comfortably.
If the earth civilization develops to a relatively ideal level, they will emigrate and occupy the earth on a large scale.
If the development of the earth’s civilization is not ideal enough, they may wait patiently for a while longer. ”
I said, “isn’t it too troublesome to do this?”
Now that they have collected all the information, they can just send it back to their planet.
Why bother to bring me here? ”
Dr. Xie Ma said, “because they want to use you to send messages back!”
I was stunned: “use me?”
I’m just an ordinary pupil! ”
Dr. Xie Ma said: “because those so-called ‘split bodies’ are actually biological robots that use your cells to clone.”
After they have collected your information, they will integrate with you and send all the information back to their planet through an information transmitter on the island. “


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