As soon as I walked out of the building


As soon as I walked out of the building, I was hit in the face by a UFO-like ball.
I thought to myself: why so unlucky?
Let the ball smash again!
When the ball bounced back, I grabbed it, but this time, instead of throwing it into the trash can, I looked in the direction of the big locust tree.
Sure enough, a five-or six-year-old boy flashed out from behind the tree trunk, rushed to me and said to me, “give me back the ball!”
It’s the same little guy from yesterday!
I said, “I spared you once yesterday!”
No, I have to confiscate the ball and see what you use to hit people tomorrow! ”
The little guy burst into tears.
His mother came over, picked him up and asked him what was wrong.
The little boy pointed at me and said, “Mom, he grabbed my ball!”
His mother immediately sank her face and scolded, “Why are you so ill-bred?”
Unexpectedly bully children, are you shameless?. ”
She talked like setting off firecrackers, which sounded familiar to me and reminded me of the words she was scolding, exactly the same as yesterday!
I said angrily: “Auntie, you have made it clear, just like yesterday, it was your son’s ball that hit me in the face first!”
The little boy’s mother snatched the ball out of my hand and said, “Psycho, what is the same as yesterday?”
We just moved here last night. How could my son play football here yesterday morning?
You’re not crazy, are you?. ”
I was fooled by her scolding and thought to myself: how is this possible?
Yes, she must be unreasonable, ignore her!
As I walked away, the woman shouted, “Hey, don’t go. You haven’t apologized yet.”. ”
I covered my ears and ran away.
When I walked out of the community, I looked up at the sky. Today’s sky is even darker than yesterday, like the bottom of a pot, which makes people feel very depressing!
Suddenly, the mournful barking of the dog came again, and I turned my head and couldn’t help laughing-Aunt Li’s dog Xiaobai was hit by the Rank King’s tricycle again.
I whispered, “this dog is really unlucky. He is hit by a tricycle every day!”
Aunt Li rushed out of the shop like a gust of wind. She heard me and yelled at me, “Sun Xiaokang, how did you speak?”
Why curse Xiaobai?
You are hit by a tricycle every day, and your whole family is hit by a tricycle every day. ”
I hurriedly explained, “Aunt Li, that’s not what I meant. Xiaobai was hit by Uncle Wang’s tricycle yesterday and was hit by his car again today. That’s why I said that.”
The ragged King roared, “nonsense, who hit her dog yesterday?”
Aunt Li stared up: “what, the ‘junk King’, you also hit my rookie yesterday, ah, unexpectedly concealed!”
Then the two quarreled with each other.
I froze and thought, didn’t they just have a fight yesterday because of this?
Why don’t you seem to remember either of them?
They’re not that old, are they?
When I passed the villa next door, I couldn’t help but take a look at the gate-it was here that I first met willow catkins yesterday!
At this time, I was surprised to see a beautiful girl with a ponytail coming out of the gate with a schoolbag on her back-it was catkins.
And there was no sadness on her face, even with a smile!
What’s going on?
Is her father all right?
Didn’t there be any shooting yesterday?
Is it all a dream I had?
I was wondering that the catkins had gone far away.
I was busy following.
As soon as I got to the station, the same scene happened as yesterday: willow catkins got on the bus first, and I was squeezed down by the flow of people.
The driver closed the door and drove away as he shouted, “it’s full, wait for the next one.”
I watched eagerly as the bus left and thought: strange, why is everything that happened in the morning the same as yesterday?
Five minutes later, another bus entered the station.
When I got on the bus, I saw the well-dressed thief and the rustic peasant woman with a cloth bag on her shoulder.
Moreover, the thief put his hand into the peasant woman’s cloth pocket again and unknowingly clipped the wallet out with two fingers.
I thought to myself: the thief is not afraid of being found by the plainclothes police and steals things on this bus every day.
Also, did the aunt get the money and happened to get on this train to send money to her son in hospital?
However, the next day, what a coincidence that the same thief stole the same owner’s wallet on the same bus and happened to the same eyewitness!
If the road is uneven, someone will shovel; if the matter is uneven, someone will take care of it.
If the thief steals the aunt’s money again, her son’s operation will not be done.
Life is at stake. I must not let the thief succeed this time!


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