I wish it could tear it to pieces!

“did you set me up on purpose?”
“if you hadn’t been cornered, how could you be in such a hurry to come to the temple with me?”
“what do you want to do in the temple?
Do you want to worship the Phoenix? ”
The nine-tailed fox sneered and said, “worship the Phoenix?”
I wish it could tear it to pieces!
In the war hundreds of years ago, it sealed my master here, but it didn’t take any advantage, and he lost his soul.
Today, I will lift the seal imposed on my master and bring him back to earth.
Haha, Taoyuan Village will soon be ours!
As long as my master absorbs the aura of Taoyuan Village, there will be no power in the world to stop my master from dominating the world! ”
I was so surprised that I clasped the Phoenix jade dress in my hand and said, “I will not let your plot succeed!”
The nine-tailed fox looked at me with disdain and said, “even if you are a small mortal, do you want to stop me?”
The night of the full moon is the time when Yin Qi is at its peak and my spiritual power is at its highest! ”
The nine-tailed fox says a spell.
All of a sudden, the earth shook the mountains, the temple shook violently, the Phoenix stone statue was also removed, and a big gloomy, bottomless hole came into my eyes like a big mouth, and an extremely dark and turbid black gas came out of the hole.
I couldn’t help taking a few steps back when my body hit something hard.
I looked up and saw that it was a Phoenix stone carving, its eyes sparkling in the dark!
I noticed that there was a concave groove on the Phoenix’s forehead, which coincided with the jade dress I was wearing!
A thought flashed through my mind: did the jade dress on my neck really fall from the forehead of the Phoenix?
I think of what the nine-tailed fox said, the Phoenix jade dress on my body still has the smell of Phoenix.
If I put the jade dress in the groove, can I awaken the Phoenix, bring it back to life, and defeat the Dark Lord again?
The black gas quickly materialized, and at last it became an ugly behemoth: it was dressed in black armor and had nine heads, with a tiger-like head in the middle, and the other heads were hissing and venomous snake heads, pitch-black, with hair like the spikes of a hedgehog and a pair of strong wings on its back, making a sound like the barking of a dog and thunder.
Oh, my God, isn’t this the monster that always appears in my dreams?
The nine-tailed fox crawled in front of it and said respectfully, “Dark Lord, you are out at last!”
The Dark Lord looked up and laughed: “ha, yes!”
Nine-tailed fox, well done! ”
The nine-tailed fox said, “Lord of the Devil, thank you for waiting!”
When they were not paying attention, I tried my best to climb on the back of the Phoenix, and then climbed to the Phoenix’s neck. Then, I ripped the jade dress off my neck and put it into the sunken groove on the Phoenix’s forehead, anxiously waiting for the miracle to happen.
Time went by and nothing happened!
“who is he?
How did you get on the back of the Phoenix? ”
The Dark Lord saw me, and his eyes glowed with terrible green light.
“I’m going to kill you!”
The nine-tailed fox pounced on me.
I was so scared that I slipped from the back of the Phoenix to the ground.
I thought to myself: this is a dead man!
Just when the paws of the nine-tailed fox were about to catch my throat, suddenly, the Phoenix burst out colorful light-the Phoenix is alive!
It gently flapped its wings and beat the nine-tailed fox several meters away, and I was saved!
Seeing the Phoenix, the Dark Lord’s eyes changed from green to red.
He raised the magic wand with the top of the beetle in his hand and hit the Phoenix.
The Phoenix flashed, dodged the wand and turned to peck the Black Lord with his mouth.
The Dark Lord was afraid and hurriedly withdrew his hand.
The Dark Lord and Phoenix fight in the dark.
Watching them fight in a tie, I couldn’t help but pull up my heart and secretly worry about the Phoenix.
Suddenly, the Devil King’s wings as hard as steel swept a stone pillar in the temple, which broke and fell down, smashing into the unconscious shadow.
In the critical moment, I rushed over and pushed the shadow away, but I didn’t have time to dodge, and my shoulder was hit by a corner of the post, and I immediately felt a sharp pain.
The Phoenix shouted to me, “run!”
I held back the sharp pain and ran out of the temple with the help of the shadow.
At this time, I heard a cry from the Phoenix. When I looked back, I found that the nine-tailed fox took advantage of the battle between the Phoenix and the Dark Lord and took a bite of the Phoenix.
I put the shadow down and went back to help the Phoenix.
The Phoenix said, “you can’t help!”
Come on, don’t die in vain! ”
Yes, we have to find a way to send the shadow out first!
I walked out with the help of Ying Ying, and as soon as we walked out of the temple, there was a loud bang and the temple collapsed!
I looked at the temple in ruins and thought: how is the Phoenix?
Did it die with the Dark Lord?
When I was anxious, the Dark Lord and the Phoenix flew out of the ruins of the temple and started a war in the air.
The Dark Lord waved his wand, and a stream of black lightning shot out of the wand and split at the Phoenix.
The Phoenix dodged flexibly in the air, opened its mouth and sent flames to the Dark Lord.
The Dark Lord knew the strength of the fire and dodged again and again.
The Phoenix flew around in the sky, and its long colorful tail drew a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
The light from the rainbow covers the Dark Lord.
With a scream, the Dark Lord turned into a cloud of black gas and fled into the distance.
Where he passed, the vegetation withered and the ground was scorched and black.
Oh, my God, it’s exactly what I saw in my dream. It’s horrible!


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I saw a white fox.

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