I saw a white fox.

The Phoenix landed beside me and gently brushed my shoulder with its wings.
In the blink of an eye, the pain in my shoulder disappeared.
It wipes the shadow’s face with its wings.
When Ying Ying woke up, she looked around questioningly and asked, “Why am I here?”
Didn’t I fall off a wooden bird?
Oh, I saw a white fox. It has several tails. ”
The memory of Ying Ying still stays before she was possessed by the nine-tailed fox!
The Phoenix said, “time is urgent. I have to stop the Dark Lord right away!”
But now I am no match for the Dark Lord. ”
I asked Phoenix questioningly, “didn’t you defeat the Dark Lord and seal the Dark King here before?”
Phoenix said: “Yes, in that battle, we both lost.”
I used up all my psychic powers to seal the Dark Lord.
For hundreds of years, the Dark Lord has been trying to break free.
In fact, we have been fighting for hundreds of years!
Now that the Dark Lord has been released, he can quickly heal it by absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, but I cannot recover it in the same way, otherwise, the Peach Blossom Garden will be completely destroyed! ”
“what do we do now?”
“Sun Xiaokang, you and Ying Ying go to Willow Leaf Lake.
There is a small island in the middle of Willow Leaf Lake, which is the spiritual pulse of Peach Blossom Garden.
There is a mountain on the island, and on the top of the mountain lies a magic crystal, which is conceived by the aura of heaven and earth. It can not only provide the energy to awaken the four warriors, but also purify the substances contaminated by the evil spirit of the Dark Lord. Therefore, you have to find a way to get it and bring it back.
You have to hurry. I can last one more day at the most!
If you fail, the Peach Blossom Garden will face extinction, and the world will sink into the abyss of darkness and be doomed forever! ”
Kui Ying said, “I heard my grandfather say that the island in the middle of Willow Leaf Lake is a real wonderland on earth.”
However, it was cast a spell, and whenever someone approached it, there would be huge waves on the lake, so no one had ever been able to land on the island!
I’m worried about. ”
Phoenix said: “if you want to get the magic crystal, you must go through a near-death ordeal!”
The spirit of heaven and earth is not readily available.
Let me give you a word-the brave are fearless! ”
I nodded and said, “Don’t worry, we can get back the magic crystal and save the Peach Blossom Garden!”
Phoenix said in a weak voice, “Please!”
With that, the Phoenix flew in the direction of the village.
Wherever the Phoenix goes, it seems that spring is coming, and everything comes back to life.
Ying Ying and I looked at each other.
We both saw worry in each other’s eyes.
I gritted my teeth and said, “We will succeed!”
Chan Ying nodded: “well, we must succeed!”
I remember a saying I heard before: when you make up your mind to do something, the whole world will make way for you!
Yan Ying and I ran in the direction of Willow Leaf Lake. At this time, the morning light faded.
When we got to Willow Leaf Lake, we saw that it was as calm as before, with no end in sight, so beautiful that one could not help but want to indulge in it.
Yan Ying and I sat on the small fishing boat parked on the shore and rowed towards the island in the middle of the lake without hesitation.
The boat was getting closer and closer to the island in the middle of the lake, and the lake gradually made waves, and a voice sounded in my head: “this is a forbidden place. Trespassers are on the brink of death. Go back!”
Ying Ying and I looked at each other, and from her eyes, I knew she heard the voice, too.
However, none of us meant to retreat, but continued to wave our oars and paddled forward without hesitation.
In the twinkling of an eye, dark clouds were gathering, gusts of wind, heavy rain, and lightning came down from the sky.
There was a huge wave on the lake.
Our boat swayed on the lake like leaves.
The shadow and I clung to the side of the boat, and a huge wave lifted the boat high and dropped it heavily.
I felt like my internal organs were going to be shattered and a tingling in my arm.
To make matters worse, the boat was flooded, and we bailed out desperately with our hands, but to no avail!
The high, terrifying walls of water surrounded us from all directions!
I know for the first time that the power of water is so terrible!
Suddenly, I felt something closing in on us.
I looked up and was scared out of my wits-a huge wave of three or four meters high was coming towards us and coming in front of us.
The waves were getting higher and higher and enveloped us.
Suddenly, the waves collapsed, and in an instant, the ship was overturned and the hull was torn apart by the huge waves!
Ying Ying and I fell into the water.
I shouted, “Shadow, grab the plank.”
Before I had finished my words, another wave of water came.
I choked several mouthfuls of water and was slapped into the lake by the waves.
I struggled and told myself that I must find a way to surface, my life is not only my own, but also the whole Peach Blossom Garden!
I am everyone’s hope!
Finally, I came to the surface.
I grabbed a larger plank.
“Ying er, where are you?
Shadow. “


I wish it could tear it to pieces!

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Why are there sharks in the lake?

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