Would you like to go?

Following the direction of the little fairy’s finger, we saw a towering mountain.
The fairy said, “it is a magical mountain, and even an eagle cannot fly over its summit, let alone someone has successfully climbed it.”
Your life is likely to be in danger when you climb it.
Would you like to go?
It would be nice to stay!
If you are willing to stay, you can have eternal life! ”
Ying Ying and I looked at each other, and we both saw a firm determination in each other’s eyes.
I said: “in any case, I will not give up!”
Magic crystals are very important to us! ”
The fairy said, “then go and wish you success!”
Ying Ying and I walked towards the mountain without hesitation.
The mountain towered into the sky, and the top was obscured by the shrouded clouds. I couldn’t see how high it was.
Moreover, the mountain wall is so steep that it looks like a long sword rising from the ground and plunging straight into the clouds.
Ying Ying said somewhat unconfidently, “can we really climb up?”
I said, “do you remember what Phoenix said?”
The brave are fearless!
We will succeed! ”
Chan Ying nodded.
Because the wall of the mountain is so steep, we have to climb with both hands and feet-hold on to the protruding stone with our hands, and tread firmly on the stone under our feet.
We take every step carefully, because below is the cliff.
However, I was distraught.
I remember Phoenix told us that she could only last for one day at most, and now I don’t know what Peach Blossom Garden has been spoiled by the Dark Lord!
Whenever I think of this, I wish I could give birth to a pair of wings and fly directly to the top of the mountain!
I was anxious and speeded up.
Suddenly, my foot slipped, my body shook, and I was hanging in mid-air.
Ying Ying exclaimed, “Sun Xiaokang, be careful!”
My hands clenched tightly to the stone wall, clenched my teeth, re-stabilized my body, and my feet looked for the foothold with memory, and finally found it!
When the wind blew, I felt cold all over, and I found that I was scared out of a cold sweat just now.
Let’s keep climbing.
At this time, a strong wind blew up on the mountain, and the wind roared past his ears, causing the stones on the mountain to fall one after another.
As we climbed, we were careful to avoid the rocks at the same time.
When a stone fell, I only had time to move my head.
The stone hit me so hard on the shoulder that I felt a heart-wrenching pain and my hand went numb and almost failed to reach the stone.
“Sun Xiaokang, why don’t we find a place to have a rest for a while?
How’s your hand? ”
“I’m fine. I can hold on!
We can’t stop. We don’t know how far it is. People from Phoenix and Peach Blossom Garden are still waiting for us.
No matter what happens, we can only stick to it, we can only move forward, and we can’t back down! ”
Something bad happened: it rained heavily in the sky, and the big raindrops fell down, like countless needles stuck in the body, unspeakable pain.
In addition, Rain Water scoured the stone wall more smoothly, making it more difficult and dangerous for us to get up.
But Ying Ying and I both clenched our teeth and had only one belief in our hearts: we must climb up!
Up, up!
I don’t know how long it took us to climb, but we finally reached the top of the mountain.
Sitting on a big rock at the top of the hill, I tore off my clothes and found that the place where my shoulder was hurt had already been covered with flesh and blood.
The shadow tore off a corner of the dress and bandaged it for me.
I felt her hands trembling. I turned my head and found Ying Ying in tears.
I pretended to be relaxed and said, “Shadow, don’t worry, my shoulder looks scary, but it doesn’t hurt much!”
Ying Ying said, “Thank you, Sun Xiaokang!”
Originally, you had a chance to return to your world, but for Taoyuan Village, you not only gave up the opportunity to go back, but also risked your life to climb the cliff. ”
“I have lived in Taoyuan Village for such a long time, where it is beautiful and peaceful, and people are simple and kind, just like Xanadu.
I can’t watch the Dark Lord destroy the Peach Blossom Garden! ”
I walked to the edge of the cliff and looked at the bottomless cliff below. I couldn’t believe how I climbed up from below!
I looked around and didn’t see any crystals!
Is Phoenix’s information wrong?
While I was wondering, Yu Ying pointed to the front and said, “Sun Xiaokang, look at that!”
I looked along the direction of Kui Ying’s finger and found that there was a mountain floating in mid-air where the clouds were shrouded in the air. How could I get up there?
Like a character in a martial arts novel, I put my hand around my mouth and shouted, “We are here to get the crystal. Please give me some advice!”
Unexpectedly, a voice came from the mountain: “come on up!”
However, the peak is suspended, there is no road, how to get there?
I shouted again, “there is no way here. I don’t know how to get there!”
The voice said, “go ahead.”
Isn’t it a cliff to go ahead?
Is he playing us?
Do we have to give up when we get here?
I thought of the Phoenix’s words: “the brave are fearless!”
Up to now, we can only get the ducks on the shelves and try it!
I walked to the edge of the cliff.
Ying Ying grabbed me and asked, “Sun Xiaokang, what are you doing?”
“go ahead!”
“are you crazy?
There is a cliff ahead! ”
“there is no way out here. If you don’t move on, you have no choice but to give up!”
“you wait for me here, and I’ll go first!”
I grabbed the shadow and said, “No, you wait for me here!”
“No, I’ll go!”
I quarreled with Ying Ying, and in the end, we had to decide to go together.
When our feet stepped out into the abyss, suddenly, a stone bridge appeared under our feet. Oh, my God, it’s amazing!
Yan Ying and I had no time to marvel, so we followed the stone bridge and climbed to the top of the mountain.


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