What can I do for you?

On the top of the mountain, trees are shady, wild flowers are everywhere, and a beautiful bluebird lives among the flowers.
It said: “only indomitable and fearless people can get here smoothly!”
Who are you?
What can I do for you? ”
I said, “it was the Phoenix who sent us.
The Dark Lord comes back to life again, Phoenix said, only by finding the magic crystal and awakening the four immortal beasts, can it unite with the four immortal beasts to defeat the Dark Lord, and at the same time use the crystal to purify the people controlled by the evil spirit of the Dark Lord!
Please give us the crystal! ”
The bluebird said, “Crystal is a treasure of the Heavenly Palace. It is very precious.”
I am responsible for guarding the crystal. If the crystal is missing, I will be punished by the Heavenly Palace. I will be tied to the cliff and be attacked by storm, thunder and lightning every day.
If any of you are willing to accept this punishment for me, I can give you the crystal! ”
Ying Ying and I said in unison: “I do!”
Kui Ying said, “Sun Xiaokang, you take the crystal back to save Taoyuan Village, and I’ll stay here!”
I said, “No, I’ll stay here, you take the crystal and go!”
The bluebird said, “this kind of punishment is no joke. Are you really willing to do it?”
Both Ying Ying and I nodded.
The bluebird said, “the crystal is there. Go and get it.”
I looked in the direction of the bluebird and saw a fist-sized crystal shining brightly in the sun on a natural pillar.
The bluebird said, “that’s the magic crystal you’ve been looking for. Take it with you.”
Ying Ying and I looked at each other.
Then I asked Bluebird, “didn’t you say you wanted to stay alone?”
The bluebird said, “the test for you has begun since you entered Willow Leaf Lake.”
You do not flinch in the face of towering waves, unite as one in the face of strange fish, do not waver in the face of the temptation of immortality, and persevere when you are injured. You know that there is a cliff ahead, but you can move forward bravely for the sake of your ideals, and you would rather sacrifice yourself at the moment of life and death.
You have gone through so many tests, which shows that you are qualified.
Now, please take the magic crystal with you! ”
Ying Ying and I looked at each other and smiled. It turned out that all this was a test. Fortunately, we all broke through!
Bluebird warned: “you must go back as soon as possible, or it will be too late!”
We climbed down the cliff with the crystal.
By this time, it was already late at night.
The little fairy was waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain. “I didn’t think you could really get the crystal,” she said.
I said to the fairy, “the ship was destroyed when we came. Can you lend us a boat to cross Willow Lake?”
The little fairy nodded. She took us to the willow lake, picked a willow leaf from the tree, threw it into the water, and the leaf became a beautiful and strong boat.
Ying and I sat on the boat and waved goodbye to the fairy.
The little fairy smiled and waved to us and said, “I wish you success!”
The boat changed by the fairy rowed as fast as an arrow.
After a while, we reached the other side of the lake.
When he was about to go ashore, Yan Ying said, “Sun Xiaokang, look!”
I looked up and saw torches shaking all over the village. I said worriedly, “what’s going on?”
“hide the magic crystal and go into the village to have a look!”
Ying Ying whispered.
I nodded, hid the crystal carefully in my arms, and sneaked into the village with Ying Ying.
Today, the moon is still very round. In the moonlight, we can see the villagers walking in the direction of the ancestral temple, holding torches.
But they don’t look normal. They all look like walking corpses.
In the crowd, I actually saw Grandpa Lu!
When Ying Ying saw Grandpa Lu, she was very excited and said again and again, “Grandpa, Grandpa is fine!”
She said she was about to rush forward.
I hurriedly pulled her back and said, “Shadow, you see, your grandfather and the others don’t look quite right. They look a bit like zombies.”
Ying Ying looked carefully and said in a lost voice, “too bad, are they under the control of the Dark Lord?”
I nodded. “probably!”
We mingled with the crowd and went to the clearing in front of the ancestral temple.
The villagers are lighting firewood there.
On top of the firewood stood a wooden platform, and in the middle stood a tall wooden pillar.
After a while, I actually saw the Phoenix, it was dying, was carried to the wooden platform by the villagers, and was tied to the post.
Ying Ying and I were so surprised that we almost cried out.
The nine-tailed fox jumped on the wooden platform, pointed to the Phoenix, and said upside down: “the Phoenix is the symbol of evil!”
Today, we’re going to burn it! ”
The villagers shouted in unison: “Burn it, burn it.”. “


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