What shall I do?

The Dark Lord fell from the sky, stood on the wooden platform and said proudly to the Phoenix, “the villagers you are trying to save are burned to death!”
How does this taste?
Ha ha.
Why don’t you surrender and work for me?
In the future, you will be popular and drink spicy food! ”
The Phoenix said, “Dream!”
You have done a lot of evil, and one day you will be damned! ”
The Dark Lord said angrily, “Humph, I should propose a toast without eating and punishing the wine!”
Light the fire! ”
The villagers threw torches at the pile of firewood under the table.
The firewood was burning and the feathers of the Phoenix were burned, but it was silent and endured in silence.
I really can’t watch it anymore. I want to rush up and save the Phoenix.
Ying Ying grabbed me and said, “Sun Xiaokang, restrain yourself!”
We are no match for the Dark Lord, so it’s important to go to the temple! ”
I nodded and ran towards the peach tree forest with the shadow.
After the battle between the Phoenix and the Dark Lord, the temple has collapsed and turned into a pile of ruins.
I looked at the four huge stone carvings of Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise. I took the magic crystal out of my arms and held it high above my head.
Magic crystal radiates colorful light, shooting at the stone carvings of the four immortal beasts, and in the blink of an eye, all the four stone carvings are “alive”!
Ying Ying and I cheered for joy.
Azure Dragon said, “No, Phoenix is in danger!”
Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise flew in the direction of the village.
I shouted, “Hey, wait for us!”
Take us with you! ”
Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird turned their heads and flew back.
I rode Azure Dragon and Ying Ying on Vermilion Bird and flew in the direction of the village.
I hugged Azure Dragon’s neck tightly for fear that it might throw me out of the air.
By the time we got to the village, the Phoenix had been burnt to ashes.
Azure Dragon let out a long roar of grief and put me on the ground.
Vermilion Bird also put the shadow down.
The four immortal beasts surrounded the Dark Lord and the nine-tailed fox.
The Dark Lord sneered: “you have been reborn!”
But Phoenix is dead, you guys are no match for me.
Haha, I’ll clean you up right away and let you go underground to accompany the Phoenix! ”
Azure Dragon said sadly and angrily, “We want to avenge the Phoenix!”
Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise launched an attack on the Dark Lord, with the nine-tailed fox on one side.
The two sides went back and forth, fighting fiercely.
I watched the battle anxiously and cheered loudly for Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise-if they were also defeated by the Dark Lord, there would be no hope in Peach Blossom Garden!
Ying Ying suddenly pushed me away and shouted, “Sun Xiaokang, get out of the way!”
I saw in horror that the villagers surrounded me and the shadow with sticks and hoes.
Just now, a villager swung a stick as thick as an arm at my head, but luckily the shadow pushed me away in time, otherwise my head would have burst!
The villagers are controlled by the Dark Lord and want to hurt me and Ying Ying.
In the face of their attack, we were afraid to hurt them and dared not fight back, so we had to dodge left and right.
However, there are a large number of villagers, as the saying goes, “double fists are hard to beat with four hands” and “random fists kill the old master.” Luo Ying and I were not martial arts masters, and after a day and night running around, we were already exhausted.
If we go on like this, sooner or later we will be beaten to death by the villagers with sticks and hoes!
Suddenly, I heard a cry from Vermilion Bird. I turned around and saw that too bad, the four immortal beasts were all shrouded in the black gas released by the Dark Lord, and their aura was constantly being sucked away.
I have to find a way to save them!
What shall I do?
It suddenly occurred to me that Phoenix said that magic crystal could purify the evil spirit of the Dark Lord.
So I took out the magic crystal and held it high.
The crystal emits a colorful brilliance, and under that brilliant light, the black gas gradually fades, and the people who besiege me and Ying Ying are fixed. A trace of black gas emerges from them and disappears without a trace in the light of the crystal.
The light of the crystal also dispelled the black gas that surrounded Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise.
However, although the four immortal beasts got rid of the Dark Lord’s gas, they all lost their spirits and looked exhausted.
The Dark Lord was furious: “Damn it, how dare you spoil my good thing!”
The Dark Lord said, raising his wand and hitting me.
I quickly stepped aside.
The Dark Lord attacked me again.
Seeing that I could no longer hide, at this time, the sun rose, the first ray of sunlight shone on the crystal, the light of the crystal was even stronger, and the Dark Lord was hit by the light of the crystal, screamed and retreated a few meters.
The light of the crystal shone on the ashes of the Phoenix, and an incredible miracle happened: the ashes suddenly floated and gathered into the shape of the Phoenix.
In the light of the colorful light of the crystal, the Phoenix pattern composed of ashes has gradually become a real and colorful Phoenix!
Azure Dragon, Bai Hu, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise said happily: “the Phoenix is Nirvana!”
The four immortal beasts, bathed in the brilliance of the magic crystal, gradually regained their vitality and became full of vitality.
The Dark Lord was shocked and shouted, “No, it’s impossible!”
Seeing that the situation is not good, the nine-tailed fox wants to escape.
At this time, a big white tiger suddenly rushed out and pressed the nine-tailed fox tightly on the ground.


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