I think he looks familiar.

The nine-tailed fox shouted, “Lord of the Devil, help!”
Not reconciled to defeat, the Dark Lord pounced on the Phoenix again, and the Phoenix got into a fight with the Dark Lord.
The Dark Lord waved his wand and the black smoke rushed towards the Phoenix.
With a shake of the Phoenix’s long colored tail, the colorful light instantly broke through the black fog and made the black fog disappear.
The Dark Lord grabbed his huge claws at the Phoenix, which dodged flexibly and dodged the Dark Lord’s fatal blow.
It flapped its wings again, and the Dark Lord was hit in the head, roared, and took several steps back.
The Phoenix said, “Sun Xiaokang, give me the crystal!”
I threw the magic crystal at the Phoenix.
The Phoenix caught it with its claws, and the crystal emitted a more dazzling light.
The Dark Lord was covered by the brilliance of the crystal and could not get away, and the black gas on his body gradually lightened and faded, and finally disappeared into the air.
The Phoenix shouts and flies across the sky, and it shines brightly.
Wherever the light of the Phoenix goes, everything is reborn.
Peach Blossom Garden has regained its former beauty, serenity and peace.
Everyone sang and danced around the Phoenix and the four immortal beasts, and the Peach Blossom Garden became a sea of joy.
I asked Azure Dragon, “did you bring me here?”
Take me back quickly! ”
Azure Dragon replied, “it was not me, but fate chose you!”
You are the predestined person of Peach Blossom Garden!
Now that the matter has been settled, I can take you back to the 21 century. ”
Kui Ying took me by the hand and asked, “Sun Xiaokang, do you really want to go?”
Why don’t you stay a little longer! ”
Grandpa Lu said enthusiastically, “Yes, stay a little longer!”
I have another invention coming out, and I want you to see it! ”
The rookie beside her gently rubbed my body with her furry head-Xiaobai was reluctant to let me go.
I shook my head: “Shadow, although I also like Peach Blossom Garden, I would like to be with a good friend like you.”
But I miss my father and mother very much.
After being away for such a long time, they must have missed me very much. ”
Ying Ying nodded with tears in her eyes.
I reluctantly bid farewell to everyone.
The Phoenix said, “not only does Sun Xiaokong want to go, but we also have to leave the Peach Blossom Garden and go back to the sky.”
Now the Dark Lord has disappeared and the threat has been lifted.
As long as you do not destroy the environment of Peach Blossom Garden, Peach Blossom Garden will always be beautiful. ”
I rode Azure Dragon and flew into the sky with Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, Baihu and Black Tortoise.
Azure Dragon took me into the tunnel of time and space full of fantasy color.
I said to Azure Dragon, “Azure Dragon, I want to see the Peach Blossom Garden in the future world, can I?”
After defeating the Dark Lord, I want to know what the Peach Blossom Garden will be like in the future. ”
Azure Dragon nodded and took me from an exit of the time and space tunnel to the future world.
I can’t believe my eyes-the future world is completely different from the last time I was here: the sky is as blue as crystal, green grass, flowers everywhere, peach blossoms blooming like fire in trees, white sails floating on the crystal clear willow lake, colorful birds flying around in the sky, and people flying freely with wooden birds in the air.
I was surprised and said, “the future world is completely different from what I used to see!”
A middle-aged man came up to me.
I think he looks familiar.
He said, “Yes.
Many years ago, after the Phoenix defeated the Dark Lord, the negative energy controlling the power to destroy the world was suppressed, and people understood the importance of positive energy such as truth, goodness and beauty.
In fact, what the world will be like in the future depends on people’s own choices.
When human beings choose to live in harmony with nature and choose truth, goodness and beauty, the future world will be better than the past! ”
I asked, “who are you?”
He said, “I am you!”
I was stunned for a moment.
The middle-aged man continued: “it’s the future you!”
It was me, that is, you defeated the Dark Lord with wisdom and courage and saved the Peach Blossom Garden. ”
Is he the future me?
I thought happily in my heart: it turns out that I will be quite handsome in the future, and I look elegant and personable.
Azure Dragon said to me, “what you will become in the future depends on your efforts now.”
The future is not immutable! ”
I nodded.
Then Azure Dragon took me back to the moment I left and magically sent me back to the plane.
None of the people on the plane realized what had happened.
If the Phoenix jade dress on my neck had not disappeared without a trace, I would have suspected that the previous experience was just a dream.
I asked, “Mom, where have we been?”
“We have arrived in C City of H Province.
The following is the legendary Peach Blossom Garden, which is also the destination of our trip. ”
I looked down from the plane and seemed to see the Peach Blossom Garden as beautiful as Wonderland.


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