How could you curse my father like that


Willow catkins stood up, took two steps back, looked at me in surprise, and said angrily, “Sun Xiaokang, your joke has gone too far!”
How could you curse my father like that! ”
“it’s not a curse, it’s true!”
“shut up and stop talking to me!”
With that, she turned and left in a huff.
Oh, no. Things are screwed up again. What should we do?
When I got back to the classroom, I tried to talk to Liu Xuan, but she was as cold as ice and ignored me completely.
In the afternoon PE class, before the football match, I found the captain and told him my strategy of “focusing on defense and looking for opportunities to attack”.
The captain immediately denied my idea, and other team members also gathered around to criticize me, saying that I “grow the ambition of others and destroy my own prestige”, like a “tortoise”-just like “yesterday”!
I was once again surrounded by a sense of helplessness, but at this time, Li Wenbin came over to support me and thought I had a point.
I was surprised. I didn’t expect him to agree with my game strategy. You know, he always works against me.
Although Li Wenbin is naughty and mischievous, he plays football well, and even the captain respects him for three points, so he speaks with authority.
When he patted his chest and said, “if I lose with this strategy, I will take full responsibility.” everyone was persuaded by him.
Then, the whole team discussed the tactics and tactics of “defense as attack”.
I have played the same game twice and know the position and tactics of the opposing players like the back of my hand.
After I told everyone where their people would be in the first half and where they would be in the second half, everyone was surprised and regarded me as a “half fairy”!
At the beginning of the game, Li Wenbin patted me on the shoulder and encouraged me to “come on”-as if we had no bad blood in the past and were very good buddies!
As the saying goes, “know yourself and know the enemy, win a hundred battles and win a hundred battles.”
In this game, because our team has made full mental preparations, coupled with the fact that Li Wenbin and I, the two “bitter enemies” who were at odds with each other, have now become close friends and have cooperated quite tacitly.
There was a lot of unity, so we beat each other 3-1-I scored two of the goals!
My classmates applauded and cheered hard for me, and I was in the limelight as never before.
In the meantime, I peeked at the catkins several times and found that she not only did not applaud me, but even did not look at me at all-it seems that she is still angry with me!
I can’t help but worry: will yesterday’s tragedy repeat itself?
Am I really powerless to stop the tragedy from happening?
After school, I didn’t dare to delay for a minute. When I saw the catkins coming out of the classroom with a schoolbag on my back, I followed her.
When she walked out of the teaching building, she found me following her. She turned her head and said coldly, “Sun Xiaokong, what are you doing with me?”
I said, “listen to me. What I told you at noon is true. Your father will be.”
The catkins covered her ears and said loudly, “I don’t listen, don’t talk nonsense, and don’t follow me!”
She already thinks I’m an inexplicable weirdo!
Willow catkins turned around and ran-she had practiced a sprint and ran so fast that she disappeared as soon as she slipped away.
Fortunately, I knew where she was going and ran quickly to the place where the tragedy was about to happen.
When I reached the entrance of the hutong, I stopped and looked around. Fortunately, today arrived earlier than yesterday, and the cyclists haven’t come yet.
I breathed a sigh of relief and went on running, but the thugs on bicycles came out of nowhere and surrounded me.
A gangster said, “Boy, my money is a little tight these days. Lend me some money to spend.”
I said, “I have something important to do, so get out of the way!”
The thugs were stupefied for a moment, and one of them said, “Hem, good boy, have the guts, in this territory, you are still the first person who dares to talk to us like this.”
If I don’t give you some color to see, you don’t know that Ma Wang Ye has three eyes.
Guys, let’s go! ”
Gangsters rushed over on bicycles.
At this time, I felt that the necklace on my chest was hot again, and a stream of heat passed through my chest and entered my body. Suddenly, I was full of strength.
In addition, their movements are all in slow motion in the movie.
I could have dodged it very easily, and then teased and dealt with them, but, thinking that I didn’t have much time, I reached out and ripped the thug who rushed to the front off my bike.
After twisting my body to avoid several other bikes and fists, I flew on the bike I had grabbed, lifted the front wheel of the bike, and then took the landing part of the bike as the fulcrum. I rode my bike around like acrobatics-in my own opinion, my speed is very average, even a little slow, but in the eyes of gangsters, I move as fast as ghosts.
Their bikes were all knocked down by the wheels of mine, and they fell to the ground with them, crashing to pieces.
When the speed around me returned to normal, I was already riding my bike, like an arrow, shooting out in the direction of willow catkins!
The thugs were dumbfounded, and when they reacted, they all shouted:
“he took our bikes!”
“get him!”
I laughed to myself, thinking: usually you rob other people’s things, today also let you taste the taste of being robbed!
I rode my bike to the place where willow catkins were waiting for her father.
At this time, willow catkins father’s car has come, catkins happily waved to her father, ran over.
In order to stop her father from moving on, I rushed over on my bike and stood in front of her father’s car. Her father slammed on the brakes.
When her father tried to open the door to see if he had hit me, I threw down the car and rushed over and shouted to him, “Don’t come down!”
At this time, the catkins ran over, and she was about to question me. I had opened the back door and stuffed the catkins into the back seat of the car. I also sat on it, slammed the door and shouted, “drive quickly!”
Liu Xu looked at me, frowned and asked, “Sun Xiaokang, what do you want to do?”
Get out of the car! ”
I said, “look out for the Iveco behind you, there’s a killer in it!”
I don’t know if Liu Quan’s father understood what I meant, but I saw the Iveco coming quickly, the window of the copilot opened, a pistol stretched out, and the black muzzle of the pistol was aimed at Liu Xun’s father!
It’s not good for me to scream.


As I passed through the villa

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I ran quickly

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