I ran quickly


I was surprised: is it true that Dr. Liu.
I ran quickly, and while the police kept order, the scene was a little chaotic. I got under the cordon and ran into the villa.
I heard a girl crying-it was catkins!
I followed the sound of crying and came to a large study.
I saw Dr. Liu was shot and fell in a pool of blood. Willow catkins knelt beside her father and cried bitterly.
I went to the catkins and patted them on the shoulder.
The catkins turned around and looked at me with tearful eyes.
I asked, “what happened?”
Willow catkins said: “after Dad sent you home, we also went home.”
I do my homework in the room, and my father works in the study.
Just now, I heard a gunshot in the study. By the time I ran down, the killer had disappeared and my father was lying in a pool of blood. ”
I was filled with righteous indignation: these killers did not succeed in the afternoon and even sneaked into the catkins’ house at night.
I wish I could become an ancient knight-errant, find them and get rid of them one by one!
The police came in and began to survey the scene and take pictures.
Then they asked the catkins to follow them to the police station to inquire about the situation.
Willow catkins followed the police, so I had to go home.
On the way home, I remembered that I forgot to return the necklace to the catkins.
By the time I got home, my father and mother were already asleep.
I opened the door gently with the key and sneaked back to my room.
I lay in bed, tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep.
I thought to myself: will time flow back again?
The catkins were taken to the police station. I don’t know what happened.
Why did the killer do everything possible to kill Dr. Liu?
Dr. Liu said it was a secret, but what kind of secret is it?
I was thinking wildly, and suddenly, the ceilings and walls shook like waves of water.
Then I lost consciousness.
As if only for a moment, and as if after a long time, I was woken up by the alarm clock.
“Ding 00, Ding 00 -” the sound of the alarm clock, like a hard little copper spoon, reached into my ear.
I raised my hand and reached out to the alarm clock, but soon my hand stopped.
The alarm clock is intact, which means it’s Friday again!
I rushed into the living room, my mother was very surprised to get up early, I looked at the electronic clock on the wall, sure enough, time went back for the third time!
After breakfast, I picked up my schoolbag and went to school. As I passed the living room, I once again saw the mysterious lightning news on TV.
When I went downstairs, I made up my mind that Friday should not be allowed to go on endlessly, because in that case, children would never grow up, people would never die, and dead people would come back to life the next day. We always live the same life without knowing it.
On my way out, I caught the ball that flew over.
This time, instead of questioning me as domineering as he did yesterday, the little boy politely asked me to return the ball to him.
When I handed him the ball, he even said “Thank you, Big Brother”-I was surprised, no way, did I impress him with my “education” yesterday?
When I left the neighborhood, I wanted to stop Aunt Li’s dog from being hit by the Runk King’s tricycle, but this time, the dog avoided the tricycle!
Does the puppy have some memories of yesterday?
The sky was very cloudy. I looked up at the sky. The dark clouds were unspeakably oppressed. The lightning in the clouds was no longer fan-shaped, but knife-shaped, like daggers thrown to the earth!
At the door of the villa, I met willow catkins. She came out of the community with a smile and a schoolbag on her back.
I stopped the catkins, she looked at me questioningly, without waiting for her to speak, I said: “your name is catkins, like sprints and swimming, like Verne and Yang Peng’s science fiction, but also like Mozart’s music.”
You will transfer to Huaguoshan Primary School today! ”
Willow catkins asked in surprise: “how do you know so much about me?”
Did we know each other before? ”
I said, “Yes, but you don’t remember!”
I am your classmate. My name is Sun Xiaokang. ”
Willow catkins smiled and said, “Today is not April Fool’s Day, is it?”
We went to school together?
Why don’t I know you? ”
I told her about “yesterday”, “the day before yesterday” and “the day before yesterday”.
After listening to my words, willow catkins said in surprise: “Why are you telling me these things?”
I said, “because this afternoon or tonight, your father will be shot!”
I must see him as soon as possible so that he can avoid this disaster! ”
Willow catkins said angrily: “you have gone too far. Why did you curse my father?”
He said he turned around and wanted to go.
I was so prepared that I grabbed her, showed her the necklace around my neck and said, “look at this!”
The catkin touched his neck and asked, “this is the necklace my father gave me last night. Why is it in your hand?”
Give it back! ”
It suddenly occurred to me that I have been wearing this necklace these days, and it is secretly protecting me from time to time. Do I have memories of the past because of it?
If I return the necklace to willow catkins, will I forget everything in the past, too?
I said, “this necklace is important. I can’t give it back to you now!”
The catkins became even angrier.
I said to the catkins, “come with me, and I can prove to you again that my words are true!”
Then, I couldn’t help saying that I took her to the bus stop.
As yesterday, before the bus pulled into the station, I called the police and said that a thief on the bus would steal an aunt’s purse.
After getting on the bus, both the thief and the aunt were there.
I first recorded the process of the thief stealing money, and then loudly exposed the thief.
The slight difference is that the aunt was not afraid of the threat of the thief this time, boldly pointing out that it was the thief who stole her purse-just like the little boy and the dog Xiaobai, although the aunt did not know that she had returned to yesterday, but what I said yesterday left her some memories and made her brave!
The thief came to a dead end and took out his knife to threaten everyone, but the police arrived in time and took the thief away.
After the bus entered the station, I pulled the catkins out of the car.
Willow catkins stared at me with hesitation in their eyes.
My heart was pounding and prayed secretly: “believe me, willow catkins!”


How could you curse my father like that

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We walked out of the neighborhood

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