We walked out of the neighborhood

Willow catkins can not take their eyes off me, I met her eyes looked at the past.
I said in my heart: believe me, catkins, you must believe me!
Finally, she nodded and said to me, “all right, come with me!”
We walked out of the neighborhood, took a taxi and went to her father’s research institute.
Just like yesterday, when we got to the institute, we were stopped by the security guard. Liu Xuan called her father but no one answered, and no matter what we said, the security guard wouldn’t let us in.
The catkins became anxious.
But I said calmly, “just a moment, Aunt Su will take us in.”
“you’ll see in a minute!”
After a while, Aunt Su did come. Liu Xuan said that she had something urgent to see her father. Aunt Su said enthusiastically, “come in with me. Your father may be in the lab and didn’t answer your phone-your father, ah, did not care about everything as soon as he started the experiment!”
We followed Aunt Su into the graduate school.
The way Liu Xu looked at me was not as skeptical as before, and I knew she was beginning to believe me.
When she went up to the third floor of the five-story building, Aunt Su said she had something to do and asked Liu Xu to go to the office to find her father.
When we came outside the office, there was a sound of tapping on the computer keyboard in the room, and I suddenly realized that something was wrong-the man who used the computer in the office yesterday was a colleague of Dr. Liu. Why did he use his computer while Dr. Liu was away?
Isn’t that rude?
Dr. Liu said that the rebound in time is a secret, so could his colleagues be stealing secrets from Dr. Liu’s computer?
I immediately left an eye, catkins reached out to push the door, I took her hand, and then pressed a finger on my lips.
Willow catkins looked at me doubtfully, and I whispered, “your father is not in there!”
Having calmed down a little, I suddenly pushed the door open.
As yesterday, the middle-aged man with a Chinese face was using Dr. Liu’s computer, and his face was alarmed by our sudden appearance.
He exclaimed, “you.
Who are you?
How did you get here? ”
Instead of answering him, I asked loudly, “what are you doing?”
Why did you use Dr. Liu’s computer when he wasn’t there? ”
My idea is that if there is no ghost in this person’s heart, he will explain it to me calmly.
And if he is really doing something bad, then he will be in a hurry and reveal himself.
The middle-aged man’s facial muscles twitched. Suddenly, he unplugged a flash drive plugged into the computer, rushed towards me and stuffed it into my hand quickly.
Before I could figure out what was going on, he pressed the alarm.
Soon, many uniformed security guards rushed in and asked, “what’s going on?”
The middle-aged man pointed at me and said, “this man was stealing information from Dr. Liu’s computer. I ran into him. Arrest him quickly!”
Willow catkins said angrily: “nonsense, we just came in, just now you have been using my father’s computer!”
However, the flash drive in my hand makes me jump into the Yellow River and I can’t wash it clearly.
Finally, the security guards took me to the security section.
After a while, the police car took me away.
The catkins stamped their feet anxiously, but could not stop them.
I secretly called bad luck and thought: how did this happen?
Today, I OVER without even seeing Dr. Liu!
When I arrived at the police station, a young policeman interrogated me. He asked me what my name was and why I broke into the institute to steal confidential information.
When I said I was wronged, the police asked me why I went to the institute and Dr. Liu’s office.
I wanted to tell him that I was going to warn Dr. Liu that he was going to be murdered, but I knew I couldn’t say it because it wasn’t clear-the police wouldn’t believe the idea that Friday had been cycled five times over, and nine times out of ten he would think I was crazy or that I was talking nonsense.
So I had to shut up and say nothing!
Seeing that there was nothing to ask, the police put me in a detention cell.
I stayed in the empty room and watched the clock ticking on the wall. I couldn’t help being very anxious: what should I do?
When can I be released?
How’s Dr. Liu?
Will he be shot again?
Will willow catkins be heartbroken again?
And Dr. Liu’s colleague, what is his relationship with the killer?
Is he framing Dr. Liu?
It’s getting dark. I think I haven’t come home yet. My father and mother must be very worried and will worry about me.
Should I give them a call?
But that way, the police will know who I am and where my home is.
I didn’t tell the police this information before, but I just didn’t want to involve my parents!
At more than seven o’clock in the evening, a bad boy was pushed in by the police. he had very long hair and his jeans were full of holes, large and small.
After the door of the detention cell closed, the bad boy looked at me up and down several times, then raised his fist at me and threatened, “Boy, take all the money out of you!”
Frightened and frightened, I thought to myself: this guy dares to rob in the detention cell of the police station. It’s like a monk with an umbrella.


I ran quickly

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My heart ached and gradually lost consciousness.

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