How could you have been to so many countries?

Juliet continued: “it’s not difficult. I’ve been to more than 70 countries, and I’ve been there for a long time. I learned it before I knew it.”
As soon as Juliet said this, even I couldn’t help thinking: how old is she?
How could you have been to so many countries?
Brag, no drafts!
Teacher Tang Wan pointed to an empty seat by the window and said, “Juliet, sit by the window.”
Juliet shook her head. “teacher, I can’t sit there. I’m afraid of basking in the sun!”
The girls booed at once.
Bai Gujing whispered, “is she candy or ice cream?”
I’m afraid of basking in the sun! ”
Some girls are already upset with her!
Teacher Tang Wan had no choice but to put her in the seat next to me.
Juliet came over like a happy bird. I could feel the envious eyes of the boys.
Juliet greeted me with a smile.
My heart is as warm as the sun shining in.
I thought to myself: she is even prettier than the female number one in Twilight!
I answered clumsily like a stupid goose: “Hello!”
I wanted to talk to her, but when I looked up, I saw that teacher Tang Wan was staring at me harshly.
When I was busy to shut up, teacher Tang Wan said, “in class, stop talking!”
Especially you, Sun Xiaokang! ”
The whole class roared with laughter.
My face flushed and I thought: Juliet and I both talked, why just call my name?
“Please open your textbooks and turn to.”
Teacher Tang Wan’s voice was as gentle as a lullaby, which made me drowsy-I didn’t sleep well after reading comic books too late last night.
In order to stay awake, I pinched my thigh hard.
It’s not a good thing to get caught sleeping in class!
When I was engaged in a life-and-death struggle with the Duke of Zhou, I suddenly found that my deskmate Juliet was also listless!
Her skin is very white, but her face is whiter, and she is abnormally white-the kind of white that doesn’t see the sun all the time!
Why is she afraid to bask in the sun?
She is already Caucasian, isn’t it more beautiful if she basks in more sun and her skin is white and red?
I was wondering if I was going to tell Juliet that basking in the sun was good for her when suddenly there was an explosion in my ear: “Sun Xiaokang!”
I stood up in reflex and answered loudly, “here we are!”
There was another burst of laughter.
Teacher Tang Wan said angrily, “have you deserted again?”
Let’s do the questions on the blackboard! ”
I looked at the questions on the blackboard and knew that it was impossible for me to answer it correctly!
So I had to bow my head and honestly say, “tell the teacher, I won’t!”
Teacher Tang Wan was so angry that she almost smoked and said, “No, you still don’t listen carefully!”
Juliet, you do it! ”
I looked at Juliet sympathetically and thought: unfortunately, I was asked by the teacher to do the problem on the first day of the transfer.
As the saying goes, no one is perfect.
She has a gift for language, so she shouldn’t be too good at math, right?
Besides, people’s energy is limited, she spends all her time learning languages, how can she have time to learn math?
In addition, it is said that the basic education of foreign countries is not as good as that of China. Foreign pupils are in the sixth grade and cannot even add, subtract, multiply and divide. Her math level should only be as good as that of the first and second grades of primary school, right?
Think of this, I regret to think: primary school life abroad is used to play, if I transfer to a foreign school would be good!
It is estimated that the thoughts of other students are similar to mine, which can be seen in the eyes of girls gloating and boys worrying for her.
While I was waiting for Juliet to admit no to the teacher, she walked graciously to the podium, picked up the chalk and began to write.
Oh, my God, she is obviously a foreigner, but her Chinese characters are beautifully written, just like those in the book!
The eyes of the girls turned into envy and envy, while the boys had a red heart in their collective eyes.
Juliet walked down from the podium when she had finished.
Teacher Tang Wan put a big red hook of approval next to the problem she did with chalk.
After Juliet sat down, the boy’s eyes glued to Juliet like cowhide candy.
One boy exaggerated and said, “Wow, it’s both talented and beautiful!”
Teacher Tang Wan had to knock on the blackboard with her whip and said loudly, “look at this!”
Look at this! ”
The boys reluctantly looked away and continued to listen to the lecture.


My heart ached and gradually lost consciousness.

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As soon as the bell rang

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