It was completely dark, there was no street lamp

It was completely dark, there was no street lamp, it was dark all around, and the villa looked like a ghost house, both spooky and scary.
Why does Juliet live here?
Is she really a fox fairy?
I couldn’t help but get cold hair on end, and I got cold feet in my heart.
But Bai Gujing was in high spirits. “look, she’s in!” she whispered.
Zhu Mingming and I both stepped back, and Bai Gujing grabbed us: “now that we’re all here, why not go in and have a look?”
Despite the fact that Bai Gujing is a girl, she is bolder than Zhu and I put together!
Zhu Mingming and I were dragged by Bai Gujing and braved our heads to go to the villa.
Suddenly, a white shadow floated out.
Zhu Ming was so scared that he turned his head to run and shouted, “there is a ghost!”
I looked up at the shadow and saw a face as pale as the one in Twilight and a pair of eyes as green as a cat.
I was so scared that I almost fainted and thought: is he really a ghost?
“who are you?”
The ghost actually spoke, and his voice was full of magnetism.
Zhu Mingming stammered: “We.
We. ”
I calmed down a little and looked at him again.
At this time, I found that the face looked familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere.
Bai Gujing was not afraid at all and said calmly, “Uncle, we are Juliet’s classmates. we happened to be passing by and saw Juliet entering the villa. We guessed that she might live here, so we came to have a look.”
Although it is plausible, it is a clumsy excuse!
This is a place where birds don’t lay eggs. How could we pass by here?
The ghost smiled kindly.
He said kindly, “Oh, it’s Juliet’s classmate. Welcome!”
I’m Juliet’s father. My name is Ronnie. You can call me Uncle Ronnie! ”
How do you have the same name as the internationally renowned pianist?
I asked in disbelief, “are you.
Ronnie, the pianist? ”
Doesn’t he live in Europe?
Why did you come to China?
Ronnie nodded. “it’s me.
I didn’t expect to meet someone who knows me here! ”
Zhu Ming gave a thumbs up and said, “Sun Xiaokang, you have good taste!”
I whispered, “I’m not the one with taste, it’s my mother!”
My mother is a “white-bone essence” (white-collar + backbone + elite). Like many white-collar mothers, she wants her son to be successful and wants her son to be proficient in all kinds of chess, calligraphy and painting. when I was very young, she forced me to learn all kinds of things, the piano is one of them.
In order to practice the piano, she bought me numerous piano CD, including Ronnie’s.
Therefore, although I hate piano practice, I am familiar with the name of the piano master Ronnie, and I have seen his picture on the cover of CD countless times.
Therefore, seeing Ronnie himself, I feel very familiar!
“come in and sit down.
We have just moved here and we are strangers.
Please take good care of Juliet in the future! ”
Uncle Ronnie said enthusiastically.
I sweated in my heart-I mistook Ronnie the pianist for a ghost!
Zhu Mingming said excitedly, “Uncle Ronnie, don’t worry!”
Juliet is smart and lovely, and everyone likes her very much! ”
Uncle Ronnie said happily, “that’s good, thank you!”
Uncle Ronnie led us into the villa.
After going in, I found that although it looked desolate and dilapidated on the outside, it was decorated chic and comfortable and tasteful inside.
“have a seat.”
When we entered the hall, Uncle Ronnie politely asked us to sit down on the sofa.
The three of us stared at the grand piano in the middle of the hall, the oil painting on the wall, the big chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
I guess Bai Gujing and Zhu Mingming, like me, were surprised by the beauty and luxury of the living room.
Uncle Ronnie brought us steaming scented tea and delicious snacks and said to us, “this is my baked snack. You eat first, and I’ll get Juliet.”
It was only then that I felt hungry. I grabbed a snack and gobbled it down. While eating, I said, “it’s delicious, it’s so delicious!”
Bai Gujing kicked me secretly and whispered, “Don’t be so rude!”
Gee, she’s usually ruder than I am, and she’s pretending to be a lady here!
Uncle Ronnie smiled and said, “you’re welcome, make yourself at home!”
With that, he left.
After eating for a while, I looked around.
Bai Gujing asked, “what are you looking at?”
I said, “I’m looking for the bathroom!”
Really, the house is so big that I don’t even know where the bathroom is. ”
I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I got up and looked around for the bathroom.
When I walked back after going to the bathroom, I found that there were many rooms in the villa, the corridor was winding and the structure was very complex-just now I was preoccupied with looking for the bathroom, but I didn’t notice it.
As I walked, I got lost. I couldn’t remember which door led to the living room.
So, I casually pushed open a door, this is a small room, its walls have no windows, no hanging decorations, the air is stagnant.
By the light of the corridor, I saw two coffins, large and small, in the middle of the room.
I was startled: what are Uncle Ronnie and Juliet doing at home with their coffins?
Are they really ghosts?
The plot of Strange Tales of Liaozhai flashed in my mind again.


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