My mother asked me what was going on.

My mother asked me what was going on. I saw a ghost outside the window just now, and then I heard something in the living room. I thought it was a thief. I looked around and didn’t find it. Then I saw my mother’s shadow in the bathroom and told me what happened when I thought it was a ghost.
The mother said worriedly, “son, you are not sleepwalking, are you?”
We live so high and thieves can’t fly, how can they climb to your window?
You think it’s Spider-Man?
Go back to bed and don’t be paranoid. There’s a class tomorrow. ”
When I got back to my room, I was still worried and went to the window.
At this time, I saw a shadow downstairs floating away like a ghost, looking very much like Juliet.
Oh, my God, am I blind, or is it true?
I climbed into bed with fear, slept with a quilt over my head, and had nightmares all night.
The next morning, I was pulled out of the quilt by my mother. I was sleepy and tired. I washed, ate and carried my schoolbag to school like sleepwalking.
While waiting for the bus at the bus stop, I heard someone talking about it while reading the newspaper:
“the Morning Post said it was suspected of finding vampires last night!”
“nonsense, where are there vampires?”
“look at this news!
It is said that this morning, someone found that the pig raised in the canteen of a certain unit had died, there were two blood holes in his neck, and all the blood in his body had been sucked dry. Only vampires could do it! ”
“how boring!
Some media are like this, even if there is no news, they have to come up with some gimmicks to hype.
Otherwise, who else will buy the newspaper and read it? ”
Most people regard this news as a joke, only I know that there are really vampires in this city!
I met Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing at the school gate. Zhu pointed to my eyes and said, “Sun Xiaokong, what did you do last night?”
Why did you become a panda? ”
Bai Gujing frowned and said, “Sun Xiaokang, did you read comic books again yesterday?”
How many times have I told you to spend your limited time on study! ”
I told them what happened last night.
Zhu Mingming put his hand on my forehead and asked me, “Sun Xiaokang, do you have a fever?”
Bai Gujing said, “I think you are foolish in reading comics. In reality, there is no such thing as ghosts and weirdness!”
I don’t care about them.
Alas, even my best friend didn’t believe me. I was so disappointed that I thought, “well, I must find evidence to make them believe me.”
For the rest of the day, I was not in the mood to listen to the lecture and tried to restrain myself from looking at Juliet so that she wouldn’t find out that I was suspicious of her.
Finally, after school, I went to Juliet’s house alone and hid in a patch of grass.
Fortunately, this area is sparsely populated, so it is not difficult to hide.
I waited in the grass and fell asleep before I knew it.
When I woke up, I found that the moon was high in the sky, and a dark shadow swept past me.
Who’s he?
I crept up and walked in the direction where the shadow disappeared.
After a while, I came to Juliet’s house and snuck into her yard.
There were three men fighting in the moonlight, all with fangs, cloaks and swords.
The yard was full of swords and swords.
When I looked intently again, I couldn’t help but be startled.
I know two of those three: uncle Ronnie and Juliet!
The man who attacked them was a slender guy with a hooked nose and sunken eyes.
The hooked nose exclaimed, “Ronnie, you traitor, give up!”
It’s great to be a vampire, but why be human? ”
Uncle Ronnie said, “Gene, I’m not giving up.”
Instead of being a vampire living forever in darkness and decay, it is better to be a human being and live freely in the sun for a day!
Most vampires think the same way!
You shouldn’t restrict us! ”
Gene said, “if you don’t eat a toast, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Gene said, and a sword was stabbed at Uncle Ronnie.
I can’t help but stand on end: they are really vampires!
Uncle Ronnie blocked Jean’s sword with his sword, and the three men continued to fight fiercely.
Suddenly, Juliet was knocked to the ground by Jean.
Uncle Ronnie shook off Jean and went to see how Juliet was doing.
Then Jean suddenly rushed over and stabbed Uncle Ronnie with his back.
This guy went so far as to attack from behind. The old lady really ate porridge against the wall and looked at her watch-despicable and shameless to the extreme!
I shouted, “Uncle Ronnie, look out!”
When Uncle Ronnie heard me, he turned quickly, dodged the deadly sword, and stabbed Jean with his sword.
Jean had just been at a disadvantage in the battle, and knowing that he would not be able to beat Uncle Ronnie, he jumped out of the fight circle and suddenly rushed at me, saying viciously, “meddling human beings, damn it!”
Then he hugged me and opened his mouth to bite my neck.
I struggled and shouted, “Let me go! let me go!”
I couldn’t break free. I felt a sharp pain in my neck, two fangs stuck deep into my flesh, and the blood left me at full speed.
I was a little dizzy and thought: am I going to over?
Then Uncle Ronnie rushed over and stabbed Jean in the back.
Gene pulled the tooth out of my flesh and turned to Uncle Ronnie.
My consciousness blurred and fainted.
I don’t know how long it took me to feel a drop of liquid that was more bitter than Coptis chinensis dripping on my tongue. All of a sudden, it was as if a fire dragon had crept into my body along my tongue.
I was tingling all over, the blood in my veins was boiling, and my body seemed to be wound up and regained its energy.
My eyes are open!


It was completely dark, there was no street lamp

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But up to now, we can only take it one step at a time!

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