Bang, bang, bang!

Bang, bang, bang! ”
Mom and Dad are outside knocking hard at the door.
Mother asked, “Xiao Kong, what’s the matter with you?”
Open the door! ”
After the pain was over for a while, I replied, “Mom, I didn’t.”. ”
But before I finished, another wave of pain came up, and I couldn’t help moaning.
Alas, if I had known this would happen, I would not go home!
Why didn’t I remember it until now?
Mother said to her father, “Big empty, go and get the key to the small empty room!”
If mom opens the door and comes in, she’ll see my fangs. I don’t want them to know I’ve become a vampire!
I braced myself to my feet and supported the wall to the balcony.
When I was in the moonlight, the pain suddenly disappeared, and I felt transformed-I felt as light as a feather.
As soon as the door of the room was opened and Mom and Dad were about to come in, I jumped subconsciously and jumped off the balcony.
At this time, I heard my mother say in surprise: “Big empty, small empty is gone!”
Go and find him! ”
My family lives on the seventh floor, and if I were still human, I would definitely fall into mud with a bang.
But now, I fall to the ground like a leaf.
“there is a ghost!”
The screams came from above my head.
I looked up and saw a young man with a sharp mouth standing not far from me.
He must have been surprised to see me fall down the stairs but safe and sound, and took me for a ghost!
I rushed over and covered his mouth when I found my strength growing.
When he saw my fangs, he was even more frightened and kept struggling.
I stared at his neck and had a strong urge to take a bite, but I tried to restrain my desire not to do something I would regret!
Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my hand. I looked down and saw that he took a bite on the back of my hand.
My hand hurt so much that I couldn’t help letting go of him.
He ran desperately, running and shouting, “somebody, help, catch the ghost!”
I ran in the other direction and left him without a trace in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, there was a siren in my ear, and I heard someone shouting, “robbery!”
Then there were a few “bang, bang” shots.
“some people shovel the uneven road, and some people take care of it.” I am a child with a strong sense of justice. Of course, I will not sit idly by.
So I ran along the place where the gunshot was fired.
I traveled several blocks at ten times faster than usual-after I became a vampire, my hearing got better, and I could hear voices a few blocks away.
When I arrived at the scene of the accident, I found that it was a jewelry store. Several masked gunmen, carrying a large sack, rushed out of the jewelry store and got into a van parked outside.
The driver started the car quickly, and the van roared towards me and was about to hit me, but the driver didn’t slow down at all.
I don’t know where to give birth to infinite self-confidence. I didn’t hide or flicker, but stretched out my hands to meet the speeding van.
The car came to a sudden stop with a loud bang of friction between the tires and the ground.
I looked up, and the driver saw my fangs and my ferocious expression and shouted in fear, “Ghost!”
The masked gangsters rushed out of the car and pounced on me.
My skill became extremely flexible, like a martial arts master, with one left punch and one right leg, three strokes and two strokes to put several big men who were taller and heavier than me to the ground.
A gangster who fell to the ground got red-eyed, pulled out a pistol and shot at me. What surprised me happened: I could see the trajectory of the bullet clearly!
I dodged left and right, dodged the bullet, there was a bullet fired at the center of my eyebrow, I could not dodge, a raised hand, unexpectedly caught it like a small flying bug.
When I opened my slap, the gangsters all saw the bullet in my hand.
They said in horror:
“Oh, my God, who are you?”
“he’s not a man, he’s a ghost!”
“that’s weird!”
A thick smell of blood floated into my nose and greatly stimulated me.
When I looked intently, it turned out that when a masked gangster was thrown out by me, his arm hit the car and was bleeding.
My appetite was aroused and my tusks became longer and more conspicuous.
The gangsters shouted in horror, “help!”
He is really a ghost! ”
I sprang to my feet, pounced on him like a wolf, tore off the cloth over his face, looked at his neck, and was about to bite him.
The sound of the police car suddenly rang out, and I regained my senses, shut up, jumped off him and stepped aside-I didn’t really want to suck human blood.
The police rushed out of the car and surrounded me and the robbers.
When the robbers saw the police, they begged as if they saw their relatives, “arrest us quickly, we don’t want to be eaten by ghosts!”
Go, who wants to eat them!
However, the fangs in my mouth did not withdraw for a long time, and I was afraid that I could not explain it to the police, so I rushed out of the encirclement.
A policeman behind me shouted, “stop, run again and I’ll shoot!”
I had to stop.
The policeman said, “put your hands up and turn your head!”
I did what the policeman said, raised my hands, bowed my head and turned around.
The policeman shouted again, “look up!”
I raised my head slowly.
The policeman saw my fangs and was dumbfounded and speechless for a long time.
I thought to myself: well, this is what you asked for, don’t blame me for scaring you!


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