Who are you

“who are you?
Why are you pretending to be a ghost? ”
The policeman finally came to his senses and asked.
They think I deliberately installed fangs to scare people. I hope so, too, but it’s not a fake!
“take it down first!”
His boss waved.
Oh, my God, I am a hero who has acted bravely for righteousness and captured the robbers alive. How can you casually accuse a good man?
But the current situation is not at all clear.
I had to be arrested and let the police handcuff my hands.
“Let you pretend to be scary again!”
A policeman tried to pull out my fangs-he thought they were dentures.
But he soon realized that something was wrong and froze with horror.
After a long time, he stammered and said, “report Captain, this tooth is real!”
He’s not human! ”
When the police listened to him, they all took two steps back.
I took the opportunity to break free from the handcuffs and get out of the gap between the police.
Ran a few steps, look back, the police are still in place!
I was feeling proud when I heard a bang. I felt dizzy and fell to the ground.
I looked up and saw that I had bumped into a lamppost on the side of the road. It was really a bad start.
The police gathered around me again and pointed the dark muzzle at me.
What do we do now?
If they catch me and take me back to the police station, will I be sent to the institute, caged by the scientists of the institute, and studied as a monster?
This is very likely to happen!
What should I do?
Just when I was desperate, a shadow fell from the sky like a giant bat.
He picked me up before the police caught me.
When I looked intently, it was Uncle Ronnie, who was wearing an eye patch and a cloak, just like Zorro in the movie!
He stamped his foot hard and flew me high into the air.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
The police shot at us.
Suddenly, I felt a twinge of pain and damp heat on my arm. I looked down. Oh, no. I had been shot, and blood was gurgling out of my wound.
I can’t help feeling dizzy.
Uncle Ronnie flew up at breakneck speed, and soon the policeman on the ground shrunk as small as ants and gradually disappeared.
My head became more and more dizzy, and my last eyes went dark and lost consciousness.
When I woke up, I found myself lying in Juliet’s basement.
Juliet said excitedly, “Sun Xiaokang, you are finally awake!”
I struggled to sit up and asked, “what’s wrong with me?”
Juliet said, “lie down, lie down, you lost a lot of blood, so you fainted!”
Vampires are afraid of bleeding!
You’ve been in a coma for two days. ”
I said, “thanks to Uncle Ronnie, he saved me!”
But how could he happen to be there? ”
Juliet looked at me and said, “what happens to be there?”
My father went there especially for you!
The day before yesterday was the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, but my father and I forgot.
After you left, my father, who was doing the experiment, suddenly remembered.
He was afraid something would happen to you, so he went to you!
Unexpectedly, something really happened, but luckily he arrived in time. ”
I had a look of horror on the part of the police when they saw my fangs, so I asked, “Juliet, is there any news these two days?”
Juliet asked, “News?”
I said, “haunted news!”
A lot of people saw my fangs that night. Can’t it spread all over the city? ”
Juliet smiled and said, “No!”
Except for some tabloids that specialize in gossip, the official media did not mention it!
Strange things happen in this world every day, but people only want to believe what they believe! ”
I breathed a sigh of relief and thought, “that’s good!”
I thought of my father and mother again.
I suddenly disappeared from the room. They must be worried to death.
What should I say if they ask?
Also, I have been in a coma for two days. They must have been looking for me everywhere. I don’t know if they have called the police.
I asked, “my mom and dad.”
Juliet said, “Don’t worry, my father called your parents the night before last and said he was going to take you to a piano competition abroad.”
You were afraid they wouldn’t agree, so you got under the bed when you got home, and when they went out to look for you, you snuck out of the house and came to my house. ”
I was surprised and asked, “my mom and dad even believe that?”
Juliet said, “your parents trusted my father very much, so not only did they believe it, but they also said they had caused my father trouble.”
I breathed a sigh of relief.
Juliet continued, “you have lost a lot of blood. You must first recover from your injuries in my house.”
At school, my father has already called to ask for leave for both of us! ”
It seems that this is the only way!


Bang, bang, bang!

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The black bat flew past us and soon disappeared.

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