At noon in the canteen,

At noon in the canteen, Xing Meng sat alone in the corner after dinner, eating silently. A tall boy in the next class walked over, didn’t know what he said to her, and sat down opposite her.
Xing Meng frowned, picked up the plate and left.
The boy reached out to pull the star dream.
My heart hung up and thought: this guy doesn’t know the power of Star Dream!
Zhu Mingming exclaimed, “Oh, my God, he doesn’t want to die?”
Sure enough, the tragedy happened: as soon as Xingmeng shook his hand, the boy unexpectedly flew up and hit his face against a glass wall, and then his body fell to the ground with a bang, causing one Buddha to be born and two Buddhas to ascend to heaven.
The star dream, as if it had not been seen, soared away.
The people around them were stunned. After Xing Meng left, everyone reacted and talked about it one after another:
“Oh, my God, that girl is so beautiful that she is a violent woman!”
“isn’t that a lot of strength?”
“which class are you in?
I’ve never seen her before!
Xing Meng’s name spread all over the school like the wind. Soon, everyone knew that there was a “magical girl” in our class. She was not only beautiful, but also born with magical power.
In the Chinese class in the afternoon, Xing Meng surprised the students again.
In class, the Chinese teacher “Tai Shang Lao Jun” (his surname is Li, has silver hair and has a fairy style, so he has this nickname), he asks everyone to recite the text.
He had a sentence that struck a cocoon in our ears– “if you read the book a hundred times, you will see its meaning.”
The whole class shook their heads and memorized it, and only Xing Meng sat on the seat without even turning over the book.
“Tai Shang Lao Jun” went up to her and asked, “Why don’t you recite the text?”
Xing Meng said: “I think this is a waste of time.”
The whole class immediately quieted down, and everyone looked at Xingmeng.
I thought to myself: Xingmeng is too daring.
“Taishang Lao Jun” flushed with anger, and so far, no student in the class dared to talk back to him so boldly.
“Tai Shang Lao Jun” said, “stand up and read this text!”
Xing Meng stood up and memorized the whole text like a stream of water without even turning over the book.
Her voice was clear and sweet, and she memorized the text like a silver bell.
The whole class looked at her dumbfounded as if she were an alien-less than ten minutes before the bell rang, she memorized a text that was more than a thousand words long.
Does she have the ability to never forget?
“Tai Shang Lao Jun” was also stunned.
When Xing Meng finished reciting the text, “Tai Shang Lao Jun” took a long time to recover and said, “memorize well, don’t be proud, and keep up your efforts in the future.”
After school, Bai Gujing whispered to Zhu Mingming and me, “this star dream is not simple!”
How about we follow her and investigate her? ”
Her proposal was immediately agreed by Zhu Mingming and me.
I am not the same person as Zhu Mingming and Bai Gujing in any way.
The reason why we become best friends is that although we are very different, one thing is the same-all three of us are full of curiosity.
We secretly followed Xingmeng to see if there were any other special manifestations of Xingmeng.
When he passed an intersection, an old man on crutches walked very slowly. before he passed the crosswalk, the traffic light changed from green to red. A fast-moving car rushed towards the old man and was about to hit.
I exclaimed, “No!”
At the critical moment, a vigorous figure rushed past like an arrow from the string, pushing the old man aside, while the front of the car hit the man hard.
When I looked intently again, I was surprised to find that the man had fiery red hair. Oh, my God, it was a star dream!
When the car crashed into Xingmeng, Xingmeng stood firm, but the front of the car was crushed-as if it didn’t hit a single person, but a pile of steel!
Before the people around us realized what had happened, the Star Dream had long gone.
The owner of the car got out of the car, looked at his battered front, and muttered to himself, “Oh, my God, what the hell!”
Zhu Mingming held my hand tightly and said, “am I dreaming?”
I pinched Zhu Mingming’s fleshy arm, and Zhu Mingming shouted like a pig.
He shouted angrily, “Sun Xiaokang, why are you pinching me?”
I said, “now you know you’re not dreaming, right?”
Bai Gujing said, “all right, stop messing around and go find Xingmeng!”
At this time, I found that in this short period of time, the star dream unexpectedly disappeared.
We looked for her for most of the day, but we couldn’t find her.
Zhu Mingming said, “did she find out that we were following her and dumped us?”
Bai Gujing also said strangely, “is she really an alien like Sun Xiaokang said?”
I said, “she’s not just an alien, she’s a superwoman, just like Superman Clark’s cousin in the movie!”
Zhu Mingming said, “Superman, that’s a movie, okay?”
It sounds like it’s true!
Even if she has superpowers, she may not be alien. Can’t there be Superman on Earth? ”
When I saw him wrestling with me, I refused to give way and quarreled with him.
We quarreled with each other for a long time, and finally, Bai Gujing interrupted our argument and said, “all right, stop fighting. Since Xingmeng has lost track, let’s go home separately!”
For the next few days, we followed Xing Meng every day and watched her secretly.
We are amazed by many of the performances of Star Dream.
I don’t know who caught Xing Meng and hung Xing Meng’s schoolbag on a high tree. Xing Meng jumped up and jumped higher than the world champion. He took off his schoolbag easily.
One day after school, I passed a bank and found that there was a robbery. Xingmeng stepped forward and fought with the gangster with his bare hands.
The gangster shot at her, but she grabbed the bullet easily, scared the gangster into a complete breakdown and knelt down to beg for mercy.
On another occasion, also after school, when we were following Xingmeng past the gate of a kindergarten, a guy on a motorcycle snatched a child from his mother’s arms and drove away at full speed.
Before most people knew it, Xing Meng ran as fast as a rocket, catching up with the motorcycle and ripping the gangster off the car.
Before the gangster landed, she quickly snatched the little boy back from the gangster. The gangster fell to the ground and was seriously injured, but the little boy was safe and sound.
Zhu Mingming exclaimed: “Xingmeng can catch up with the speeding motorcycle. she runs as fast as the cheetah, no, faster than the cheetah!”
Finally, Bai Gujing, Zhu Mingming and I have come to the conclusion that Xingmeng may not be an alien, but she must be Superwoman!


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