All reduced to ashes in an instant.

Bai Gu sighed, “Wow, this place is so beautiful. It’s a paradise!”
Suddenly there was a heavy rain, and the raindrops were all glittering and translucent crystals the size of fingernails.
The crystals soon covered the city’s streets, the roofs of buildings, and the tops of flowers and trees.
When people were curious about what they were, they all flew into mid-air and turned into alien warships as transparent as crystals, with powerful white lights emitting from the long crystal barrel.
Wherever white light goes, buildings, trees, aircraft, people.
All reduced to ashes in an instant.
They are flying, attacking and destroying over the city.
Many people had nowhere to escape and died in the white light of the battleship.
The terrible alien warship frightened me, Bai Gujing and Zhu Mingming-but fortunately, we were shot by white light, but we were safe and sound!
The people of this planet did not wait to die, they dispatched the armed forces to fight back against the warships.
Their science and technology is much more advanced than that of the earth, and every kind of weapon is very powerful.
The beams, shells and flames of those weapons shattered and shattered the invading alien warship.
When the last warship was destroyed, people on the planet cheered and hugged each other.
The three of us also clapped our hands and cheered: “well played!”
But just as people were celebrating the victory, something terrible happened: the fragments of the crystal flew up again and reassembled into transparent crystal monsters with huge wings and hideous ugliness similar to Western legendary dragons, flapping their wings and dashing around the city, spewing white light, more ferocious than before.
In the blink of an eye, the city was in ruins and rivers of blood.
People on the planet have to fight back again.
But every time the monsters are smashed to pieces, they quickly assemble back together.
The troops defending the planet gradually ran out of ammunition and fell back under the attack of the monsters.
People were forced to go to underground bases, but the monsters transformed into huge, pangolin-like transparent creatures that arched the planet’s underground base with their sharp beaks.
Finally, there were few people left on the planet, and the crystal monster became the master of the planet!
Although the three of us stayed out of it, we were frightened to see it.
When the planet was completely destroyed, our eyes suddenly lit up and found ourselves in the classroom space battleship again!
I had a lingering fear and felt my heart beating unusually fast in my chest.
I asked Xing Meng, “what just happened?”
There was an expression of pain on Xingmeng’s face.
She bowed her head and said sadly, “what you just saw is my memory.”
The silver planet is called Ankara Star, which is my hometown.
Those battleships and monsters are silicon crystal creatures from Pandora called Pandora Gadron, extremely aggressive cosmic creatures that wander through the universe as they breed.
Once they find a planet suitable for them, they will attack, nibble up the planet’s resources, and expand their power until they cover the whole planet.
My hometown, my planet, has been destroyed by Pandora Gadron!
Now, Pandora Gadron is coming to Earth, and they will destroy Earth like the Ankara star.
Your only choice is to fight and defend your home by fighting! ”
Zhu Mingming asked, “but why did you choose the three of us?”
I said, “Yes, we are just pupils, not Superman!”
Bai Gujing said, “We can’t do anything. How can we fight?”
Xing Meng said, “I chose you first because of your curiosity, bravery, unity and intelligence.”
In the future, I will need the help of other earth children.
Every child on earth is Superman, but they just don’t know it. ”
I said, “We don’t know!”
Star Dream said: “you will know soon!”
I now begin to assign tasks: I am in charge of command; Zhu Ming, you often play video games and are responsible for driving battleships. I have designed the buttons on the battleship console exactly the same as those you usually play in video games. Bai Gujing, you have practiced shooting, good shooting skills, responsible for aiming; Sun Xiaokang, you are responsible for pressing the launch button to emit ion beams! ”
Looking at the bright spots on the screen and remembering the Pandora Gadron we just saw, I couldn’t help but feel frightened and asked, “but Pandora Gadron is so good, how can we beat it?”
Xing Meng said: “there is still a glimmer of hope for survival in resistance. If you give up resistance, the earth will have no hope at all!”
The Ankara star destroyed by Pandora Gadron came to my mind, and I looked at Bai Gujing and Zhu Mingming. Finally, I nodded and said, “Yes, we must not give up!”
Bai Gujing said: “giving up will only be a dead end!”
Zhu Mingming said: “swear to defend the earth to the death!”
Star Dream said: “good!”
Prepare to fight! ”
The four of us took our places, and Xingmeng explained to us, “Pandora Gadron is a creature made up of silicon crystals that can be broken into parts, broken into pieces, and transformed into monsters or warships.”
For this reason, you can’t beat it unless you hit a part of its body.
Attacking other places, whether hit or scattered, is a waste of shells-as you can see from my memory, they will come back together and come back as a whole! ”
I couldn’t wait to ask, “where does it hit to destroy it?”
Xing Meng said: “Pandora Gadron’s command system is a walnut-sized silicon crystal of the brain, which is located in the center of the monster’s eyebrows.”
Therefore, only by hitting the center of its eyebrow and destroying the silicon crystal of the brain can it be completely killed.
Due to my short preparation time, the resources on the battleship are not very sufficient, and each energy beam should be as accurate as possible.
Do you understand? “


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